New Purchase –

On a tip from Ngee Khiong, I picked up the DX Display Model Special V2 Gundam Assault Buster type from HLJ today.

Its a pretty sweet little find, considering its a UFO Catcher prize in Japan, meaning once Banpresto (Manufacturer) stops making it, that’s the end of the line. Hobby Like Japan still has some in stock, so if you’re not heading to Japan anytime soon, you can pay about $14 (before shipping) and secure you’re V2 Gundam now.

Victory Gundam is the last in story that takes place in the Universal Century time frame. Set in UC 0153, the story features (as per usual) a young pilot named Uso Uwin, who fights for the

League Militaire (a sort of private military, like Z Gundam’s A.E.U.G.). The LM312V04 Victory Gundam is the League Militaire’s trump-card mobile suit during the war, and Uso eventually obtains the LM314V21 Victory 2 Gundam or V2.

The V2 can be equipped with various equipment, so it can be role specific. As the name implies, the V2 Assault is used for full fledged assault runs.

The DX Model comes pre-painted in 8 parts and, while says in a fixed pose, also comes with a little display arm, so the Gundam can be set up in mid-air. Accurately enough, the V Gundam was the first (and only) mobile suit to feature a full fledged Minovsky Drive system, allowing it to “hover” in place, off the ground.

I had it shipped EMS, so hopefully it’ll arrive by Friday. I also picked up the HCM Pro Force Impulse Gundam, but more on that later.

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