Falling a bit behind

I fell behind a bit this week. I know I said in the last post that my next segment would be on the Seed Destiny CD, but I haven’t gotten around to that just yet.
My HCM Pro Impulse Gundam came yesterday. I spent some time assembling the Force Silhouette pack and various parts that needed assembling. (By the way, Silhouette is like the hardest word to spell ever…)
I have to admit, I love the HCM Pro line now. I was pretty skeptical at first, but for a 1/200 scale mobile suit, they have ridiculously great detail. Plus the line includes not just Gundam class units, but many common ones too, like the work horse of 0079 Zeon’s MS-06 Zaku II, and the A.E.U.G.’s Nemo. I’m currently trying to convince my fiancee to pick me up the HCM Pro Freedom Gundam so I can display them both in the classic Clash of the Titans scene.
I’ll post more this weekend. I’m currently playing SD Gundam: G Generation Portable for PSP and would like to write a bit on that too –
Jaa na~

3 responses to “Falling a bit behind

  1. Force Impulse is a great HCM-Pro indeed. Very small in size but comes with plenty of gimmicks, and transformation too.

    I’m sure it will keep your fingers busy for at least a few days ^^

  2. Indeed you’re right NK. I think its a great addition to my collection. I’m going to construct a small “action base” for it as well, so I think that will add to the overall pose ability of the kit.

    My Fiancee picked me up the HCM Pro Deathscythe as well. Can’t wait for that little gem!

  3. Man the core splendor can undergo transformation in 1/200 scale! With that it puts the HG 1/144 to shame ._.

    Oh the Deathscythe; it’s one of my sister’s favourite next to Sandrock. I like the new thick beam in addition to the normal beam for the scythe.

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