I put a link up to the G-System Shop. A word of caution: If you consider yourself to be even an ‘above average’ modeler, I’d bring Kleenex. These guys’ll make you cry.

Their designs are simply breath-taking, and even thier conversion kits (definitely check out the conversion kit for the Nu-Gundam using the PG Strike) are just simply unbelievable.

Of course, they’re absolute pros. The kits do not come painted and assembled as shown so only the most experienced and hard-core enthusiasts should attempt to construct these masterpieces.

On the other hand, I emailed G System to see if they offer an option to pre-assemble/paint a kit that has been purchased through them. Here’s what I got in return:

Dear sir,

Thank you for your credit for our works.

We receive request from customer for offer of semi-finished / finished kit from time to time. Indeed, we do offer pre-finished kit for specific order. Price ranges from 3 times to 6 times on the unassembled kit rate. We cannot consider a mass production of finished kit because of the complexity and cost-effectiveness of the kit. Thanks and regards.

Customer ServiceG-SYSTEM (TM)http://www.g-system-shop.comTrademark owned by New Art Creation Ltd.

So there you go. I’ll tell you this, if I ever come into a lot of money*, my first order of business is to order from G-System and have them build the kit (and paint it) for me. What better center piece for your collection could you ask for?

*I’m honestly considering picking up the $45 S Gundam Smart Gun and head conversion kit…but I’m not quite sure yet.


4 responses to “G-System

  1. I didn’t know that they are actually based in Hong Kong! But man those kits surely are expensive.

  2. Me either Q, and I know. I’ve been so tempted to pick up the 1/100 FA Gundam Heavy Type. There’s no way I’d get it to look that good though (also I’d use a grey/light grey/black scheme, not Green).

  3. Exactly! I figured it would go nice with my Perfect Grade Prototype Gundam conversion (i.e. paint scheme).

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