Gundam Robust Silhouette Vol. 0

I had ordered the box set of Gundam Robust Silhouette Vol. 0 from Hobby Link Japan, and I’m sure glad I chose EMS for delivery. It may have cost a bit more, but these little statues are awesome.
I took a picture with my phone (terrible, I know) of the two I’m keeping in my office. On the left, is the rare color version of the RX-78-3 G3. The normal colors have purple (light purple) for the highlights, but the rare shown here is all Greys and Black. The G3 is posed “blasting off” from the surface of Luna II after an unseen threat just trounced the RB-79 “Ball” next to him.
On the right is the regular version of the MSM-07 Z’Gok, attacking a waterfront EFSF base, claw beam a-blazin’ and smashing the crane/structure as well. I love that the light from my window makes the explosion effect parts actually glow (not so much on the G3 statue). Just an awesome purchase. HLJ is having a clearance sale, so you can get the whole set pretty cheap. The roll out is the G3 and Z’Gok, shown here, A Zaku I installing B3 Gas, Johnny Raiden’s HM Zaku II blasting the cannon of a Magellan class EFSF Ship and an Accuy attacking a EFSF submarine.
You get the 5 regular color versions and 5 alt colors or “rare” colors.
Vol. 1 is coming out soon, I’d love to add the RX-79 [G] Gundam to my collection.
Jaa ne~
*edit: It turns out there are 2 color variations, the regular, and the rare, but then there is a 3, extra rare version of the statue figurette! As an example, instead of the regular RX-78-3 G3 statue, I got the RX-78-2! It’s even using a beam rifle instead of two hyper bazookas and doesn’t have a shield on the back. What a nice surprise!

2 responses to “Gundam Robust Silhouette Vol. 0

  1. Yea gashapon sets tend to have secret items or alternative colours so they can people to buy more.

    Found the item you are talking about on hlj:
    . This looks very detailed for 1/300 collection! I wonder what the secret item for this series is though.

  2. The secret, I’m guessing here, is the RX-78-2 version of the G3. These little guys rock!

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