This Week

I’m out of town this week. I suppose I should have mentioned that. I can still read blogs but in order to post, I need my laptop or 10 mins at work (such as this little break) to get something down.

I really want to be at home so I can keep workin on the Crossbone Gundam. I love how the right foot unit turned out and I’m jonsin’ to get the legs done. Patience.

I did manage to take my PSP with me. I’ve been playing SD Gundam G Generation Portable. I’m on the Wing Gundam Mission 4 (out of 5) so I’m currently defending the Sanc kingdom from an invasion of Virgos. If anyone is familiar with Gundam Wing, or more specifically the SD versions of the Virgo in the G Generation games, you’ll know that means I’m facing a tough fight. All you can really do to them is get up in their face with a beam saber. They lack a melee weapon, but make up for it by a LOT of HPs, so its a daunting task. My main battle ship has the following though:

Team 1
The character I use as my own Avatar in the Crossbone Gundam X1 kai (naturally)
TR-1 Gundam Hazel
Zaku Phantom Gunner Type

Team 2
Gundam F90 II
S Gundam
FA Gundam
Gyan Mass Produced.

……we’ll be okay.

Until I get another 10 mins~

Jaa matta~


2 responses to “This Week

  1. Who wouldn’t want to be at home especially when there’s an MG waiting for them? I still have a 1/144 Gouf Custom to assemble so I can see how it looks like in green.

  2. I know Q, Its driving me nuts! I just want to get some work done because the X1 is going to be a center piece to my collection.

    Green Gouf Custom? Sounds excellent!

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