I’m doing something Crazy

Okay, I’m doing something kinda crazy here, because I’m totally broke, but just made 100 bucks and can make up the rest pretty easily.

I’m ordering the 1/35 RX-78-2 Bust from G Systems. I’m opting for the completed kit because well…c’mon, look at it (Just click on the title of this post).

If they don’t have it in stock, I’m ordering the S Gundam.

This thing will end up being the center piece of my collection. I honestly don’t have a RX-78-2 Model (my Perfect Grade was changed to the RX-78-1) and what better way to honor the Gundam?

Uh, I can’t believe I’m doing this, my fiancee would freak! But what she doesn’t know (until its staring her in the face) won’t hurt her!

I’ll keep you guys posted. The price for the completed kit is $195 USD (sans shipping fees, which I’m sure will jack up the price a lot).

Oh, and I’m back in town.

Oh, and this way, I don’t have another model to get in the way of the X1!


2 responses to “I’m doing something Crazy

  1. I have not seen the RX-78-2 looking that cool before! Gosh it costs US$195 for a finished kit; it would burn anybody’s wallet instantly, but it surely is a masterpiece.

  2. I know Q, I know, this is going to be my last purchase for a long time. But goo blimey, what a way finish the purchase run! I can’t wait.

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