Crazy: An Update

After all weekend and no word from G Systems on my last post, I emailed them again to see what the deal was.

After a short while I received very polite email apologizing for the delay but also letting me know that the RX-78-2 Bust was out of stock.

I emailed back stating that I understood and would like to go for the GPO4 then (I have a soft spot for the GPO4…plus…just look at it!). I haven’t heard back, but considering it was 11Pm in Asia when I replied, I’ll wait until tonight with patience. I hope it’s in.

Also, I’ve decided this isn’t so crazy. I’m totally making up the money by selling some things on Ebay…most notably, my Masterpiece Megatron and Transformer Collection. Sad to see him go, but Megatron doesn’t hold a candle to Gundam in my book (Sorry Megs! Don’t blast me for that).

Anywho…I realize the last two posts are basically me rambling. Work is crazy and I have to get back. I took pictures of the X1’s legs (complete inner frame and feet) that I finished and I’ll post on that tonight or tomorrow.

Until then –

Ja matta~


2 responses to “Crazy: An Update

  1. It surely isnt easy to contact them while they’re in GMT+8 time zone. If you really want to, I can try give them a ring sometime to get direct enquiry.

    Did you have a soft spot for the GP-04 even before seeing the orange version a short while ago? : o

  2. Yeah, I know. My fiancee is in Tokyo right now so I’m used to the difference though.

    I did. The GP04 is one of the only concept Mobile Suits that never saw screen time from the series its from but still has made a pretty big name for itself. Plus I Love the Straum Fursts on the back.

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