Crazy: An Update III

Q’s comment on the last post reminded me I need to post an update. Unfortunately, I’m so swamped with work this week, that’s all I have time for.

Yes, unfortunately, the Gundam and GP04 heads were out of stock. And what’s worse, I’ve become so taken with the GP04 design that I’ve gotten even MORE crazy and started a search for a finished kit while passing, for now, on the Z Gundam head. I like the Z, but not that much. And certainly not as much as the GP04.

What I found was the Gundam Proshop on Ebay. He’s a private seller, of sorts, but I’m currently working out details to have a finished GP04 done for me, and possibly* in a custom color scheme (mainly switching the blue for combat orange/red…I like the blue, but that sure would look nice!)

We’ll see what happens. The worst case scenario would be, I’d just order the unfinished kit and test my skills to the utmost max.

Until next time,

Ja matta~

*I doubt this will fly, but we’ll see what kind of response I get


On a side note, part of my funding for this is an auction on Ebay where I’m selling my makeshift Decepticon Collection. Pay a visit if you’d like. If you’re interested, let me know and I can certainly cut my readers a deal on the price.


One response to “Crazy: An Update III

  1. Having little free time for yourself on top of blogging and reading other’s blogs surely isn’t easy. I often have a hard time thinking what to blog on every 2-3 nights.

    Does the private seller at Ebay have a good reputation? I recently hear a number of anime fans getting ripped off or got bootleg items instead. But I’m sure you’re well alert with these kind of things.

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