We’re Back!

Okay, well after a crazy..CRAZY week, I’m back.

Sorry for being MIA there gang, and thanks Q for sending comments, even in my absence! Glad to see you’re still checking in –
Okay, well, I should update the situation on the GPO4..because I’ve gone completely crazy over the design. As stated in the last post, I found a private dealer on Ebay. Yes, Q, you’re right, kinda sketchy, but the guy is legit has nothing but positive feed back and assured me his products are 100% G-System made. And seems G-Systems won’t get back to me, I’ll take the risk. Now, the GPO4 he had wasn’t a finished version, but he is going to finish it for me. Again, another risk, but I was given assurance that the final product will look exactly like the picture to the right. We’ll see what happens, as it’ll be about a month before its done. The things I do for Gundam sometimes….
I’ve run my funding into the ground though so it will be a while before I make any new purchases. As luck would have it, my fiancee called me at 5:30 am this morning (in the US) because she was in the electronics store in Kawasaki picking me up a couple of HCM Pro Gundams…just because she loves me that much….awesome sauce. I was pretty groggy but after she listed off to me what was available, I got to pick the Gundam Deathscythe….

And the Wing Gundam…

Again…awesome sauce. Both the Wing and the Deathscythe come with display stands I believe, so I may take the Deathscythe’s and donate it to the Impulse Gundam (with some minor modifications), which will look great I think.
I know some of you don’t care too much for the HCM Pro’s (Ngee, I think you said you’re not a big fan) as they come pre-assembled, but for being pre-assebled, and basically action figures, I honestly love the little guys. Plus it is a good thing they are, seems I have plenty of MG kits to assemble.
Which brings me to the final part of this post: The Crossbone’s legs are nearly complete. I’ve got pictures, but I’ll upload them when I finish the kit and do a whole “kit” review type of thing. Next up on my list is the hip armor pads and weapons…followed by the skirt armor, and arms, and finally the chest and head. The ABC cloak will be last but that’s because I have a secret plan to use for getting a great looking cloak as the kit comes with a god-awful nylon-ish thing..utterly useless.
So that’s the scoop. I’ll post tomorrow on my review of SD Gundam G Generation Portable for the PSP.

3 responses to “We’re Back!

  1. So you’re gonna have the GP-04 coloured like the one we saw yea? Hope the trading will go smoothly for you.

    I don’t mind the HCM Pro line, but haven’t got any as they feel a bit expensive to me, and they don’t fit with any of my models in terms of scales. The high detail SHCM-Pro will fit in with my 1/144 gunpla nicely, but the price will rip a big hole off me anytime. T_T

    Looking forward to your reviews~ I see that you’ve updated the Gundam of the Month as well. Sandrock is actually my sister’s favourite too. Good choice indeed!

  2. I know it Q, I know it, I used to only collect MG 1/100 and PGs but I’ve started collecting all sorts now. Once the GP04 arrives, I’ll do a post on my full collection.

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