Gundam StandArt

I have to hand it to my fiancee, she’s so very supportive of my Gundam craziness. You would think most women would think it’s silly, but honestly, my wife-to-be loves to help me hunt down Gundam merchandise, and often gets as excited about it as I do (well…almost, I mean, c’mon).

I had mentioned to her tonight that I would like to get a hold of the Gundam StandArt recent release of the RX-78-2 or RX-78-3. I love the design. If you can’t see the pictures well, one of the things I really love is the thrusters in the back are rectangular. Instead of two circle thrusters on each side, this version (and the old Ultimate Operation Fusion Works version) have rectangular thrusters instead. I don’t know why, but I love that look on the Gundam.

Not to mention that I love how Fusion Works’s mobile suit designs tend to exagerate the shoulders and make most of thier models (especially Gundam type units) look more…Beefy I guess. And given that I love the S Gundam and it’s giant shoulder armor, you can see why I would like this style so much.

The StandArt collection is great. I currently own the Gundam Mk.II (Titan’s colors) and MS-06J Zaku II from the first collection. I bought the full set, but gave the Wing 0 Custom and AEUG Mk.II to my good friend (secretly, I really wish I would have kept them!)

I hope she can find either the Gundam or the G3. While normally I would push for the G3, I find that I’m lacking in RX-78-2s in my collection, so I think this beauty would be a fitting addition.

Oh! and on a side note – Its been a full month since I placed my order for the GP04 Bust from Gundam ProShop. The proprietor, George, seems like a nice guy, and I can’t wait until I get his email that its finished.

Until next time~


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3 responses to “Gundam StandArt

  1. The Kampfer and Hygogg in this series look nice too~ Planning to get them too?

    Knowing a girl who likes Gundam sounds is very unusual (and precious?)! My sister likes the omnipotent ones from Wing and SEED. I have to build her a 1/100 Infinite Justice and Saviour Gundam as well as a 1/144 Oowashi Akatsuki.

    Hope your GP-04 arrives in good shape when the time comes~ I’m sure it will come out great unlike my figure.

  2. Yep, the Hygogg looks amazing and is one of the only Zeon aquarious MS I like (and the Z’gok). I’m not a big fan of the Kampfer, but I still wouldn’t mind it. I just can’t get too greedy when I have no idea if she’ll find them or not! xD

    I hope so Q, I hope so, but we’ll see. I’ll post on it when it comes in for sure.

  3. Hello

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