Gundam Vs Gundam on PSP

I’m really excited for Gundam vs. Gundam on PSP.

For one, the PSP, in my own opinion, is quite a little power house. My favorite game is easily Monster Hunter 2nd G, but I do love the Gundam Battle Chronicle Series.

GvG looks amazing. I’ve reviewed another “Vs.” game here, OMNI vs. Zaft, but this title will encompass every series…including Double 0 and my personal favorite, X!

It is currently scheduled to be released in November, for readers in the US, not to worry, PSP does not have a country code built in, so Japanese format games work just fine…provided you have a rudimentary understanding of the Japanese language.

2 responses to “Gundam Vs Gundam on PSP

  1. I still haven't got a PSP ^^;;

    I hear rumours that there will be more units to choose in the PSP version. Destiny is one of them, but there's no confirmed news yet. Really wish they have more to choose than just 2 per series (and 4 for original Gundam), but 00 only has Exia so far! >_<

    Hopefully Bandai will put more effort to make this a good dream match, as the arcade version is not as well received than the SEED Destiny VS game.

  2. I hope so Q. I have to admit, 2 MS per series is awesome, but more choice would just be…more…awesome.

    I just can’t wait to get into the cockpit of the Gundam X!

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