The Force is Strong With This One…

In my 26 years, I’ve managed to narrow my interests down to a quartet of specific mythos:

The first, of course, is Mobile Suit Gundam, this is truly untouchable in terms of the four powerhouses.

The other three, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Monster Hunter tend to be in a continual battle royale for the number two spot.

Right now, that number two spot is Star Wars. And unfortunately for my resin FA Gundam Mk.II, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed hit the shelves in the US yesterday..I picked up a copy on my way home from work (I had been playing the demo on Xbox Live for about 3 weeks now)

Let me paint you a quick picture of Force Unleashed.

You’re a Sith (Vader’s Apprentice) –

Vader sends you on missions that are top secret. He doesn’t want the Emperor to know about you so you need to wipe out Imperials and Rebels.

A Stormtrooper draws near….

You can either:

  • Deflect his blaster shot with your lightsaber and kill him.
  • Use the force to push (read: blast) him into a huge steel door
  • Use the force to lift him, then hurl him into
  • a door – a pit – lava – other Stormtroopers – anything else you can see
  • Use the force to lift him, shock him with lightning then
  • drop him dead on the ground – or see above options
  • Use the force to lift him off the ground, chuck your lightsaber at him – then see all above option
  • Use your lightsaber to kill him with various awesome moves and combos (
  • Or any of the above options combined, plus an infinite number of other options.

You can also unlock different uniforms, and various lightsaber crystals that affect the strength and color of your blade.

This game is awesome, truly awesome. It will be hard for me to balance playing the game and working on the plethora of models I need to fix up before starting on the S Gundam, but there are worse problems in life to try and figure out!

Till next time –

Ja Matta~


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