Robot Damashii Line

I’m going to post on this, even though I just left a comment on Ngee’s blog as well.
I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed in the Robot Damashii line. You can see the Robot Damashii Diary here. Don’t get me wrong, they look amazing and I would love to add a few to my collection. But If Katoki-san is really as involved as the line claims, then I think its time the Gundam line branches off from OO Gundam.
I know the series is a big money maker right now, but I’m sure fans of the older series would agree that it would be nice to see some other timelines. UC, AW AC, CE are all left untouched so far.
The V2 Gundam from Victory Gundam would be a great addition, seems the V Gundam line hasn’t really been explored by any of the current action figure lines (Robot Damashii, GFF, HCM Pro, etc).
I suppose this is a ranting post, but I want to get on board with the Robot Damashii line, and so far, I don’t have a reason too.
Hopefully they have more in store for the development as the line gets older.

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