The Problem with My Brain…

Well, I’m all set to start working on the MG S Gundam. Still have no idea where he’ll go when he’s done but I’ll deal with that when I get there (how odd that I refer to a MS as a ‘he’).

Anyway, I want to use Erix93’s color scheme shown here. You can check out Eric and his friends site here. They do amazing work. I love Eric’s S Gundam design.
The problem with my brain though, is I start looking at all the modifications Eric made to the kit and realize I don’t think I could possibly do that. Some of them I could pull off. Some not at all. I like how the shoulder armor seperates and I emailed Eric to see if there is any change in how it would mount to the should joint of the kit or not.
But from looking at Eric’s modifications, I went to look at other items that can be used, products to be bought and soon found myself in a whirlwind of items I, for some reason, seem convinced I need.
The truth of the matter is, I’ll never be able to produce something like this. Whether its lack of time, lack of patience, lack of materials or lack of money, its far beyond my reach.
So I need to remember that the whole idea is to have fun while you build the kit and enjoy your own skills as they progress, right?
I’m still going to try that whole armor seperation thing on the shoulders though!
I’ll keep you guys posted.

2 responses to “The Problem with My Brain…

  1. Good luck on it! The feeling you get after completing The MG S (or Ex-S) is awesome! ^_^ Can’t wait to see your attempt on the shoulder parts.

  2. Thanks Z, I know, I have to accept my own style and skills! I just air brushed the forearm armor panels, so the shoulders are coming up! I’ll take pictures for sure!

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