Trying something new..

Hey gang,

So I’ve decided, as I’m becoming more and more excited and obsessive about my MG S Gundam project, that I’m going to, starting tonight, document and post full updates on my progression and progress!

This way, you can see just how I go about painting, and assembling a kit step by step.

I don’t plan on having every single moment documented, but once or twice a week show where I am.

Also, any modifications, or steps taken ‘out of the norm’ will be fully explained so that you don’t see a plain piece in one picture, and a completely changed final result with no discription.

So until tonight (and believe me, getting through the rest of this day is going to be a pain!)



2 responses to “Trying something new..

  1. Posting your progress is a nice idea! Don’t rush it, and I’m sure you’ll do fine with it!

  2. Thanks Buddy, I won’t be rushing, painting requires the patience for drying anyway!

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