This week

Hey Gang,

I know the new posts have slowed to a bit of a trickle, I’m still working diligently on the S Gundam, and taking pictures all the while, but this week, Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the States so I’ll be in and out of my home visiting family. 

I’m also working on more organization of the site (thanks Z!) but it’ll take some serious sitting down time, so that will be likely next week or so.

On a side note, thank you to everyone who chimed in on the Gundam F-95 post, I really appreciate all the help!

Until Next Time,


Looking for some Information on Gundam F-95


Hey guys – the picture above is of the Gundam F 95 JD.  Does anyone have any information about this unit?  I’ve tried looking on Google, but I only get sent in circles with no leads.

If any one has any interesting information on the F 95, its story, series, ect, please let me know!

Thanks Guys!

Hobby Wave = Awesome

For my US readers, make sure you visit Hobby Wave at some point.  They are for all intesive purposes, the Hobby Link Japan for the US.  For the readers in Asia, your shipping time would be much quick with HLJ but for me, it still takes nearly 2 weeks or so, where Hobby Wave only takes about 5 days at most. 

I also like Hobby Wave’s “Credit” system.  For every purchase, you earn credit points to be used for future purchases, plus they also email coupons every once in a while. 

I just ordered some decal sets for the S and Strike Gundams, and a few new Gundam Markers (Gold and Eraser!)  – so I’m pretty excited. 

I love using decals now.  They seem to work so much better than stickers or even dry transfers.  I wish I would have ordered the S Gundam set earlier, but oh well.

I’ll update more on the S this week.  I’m currently working on the stabilizer in the back so its been a long project –



We’re Moving!

Hey Gang,

Korewa Gundam will be moving shortly. I want things to go very smoothly so there it is a 1,2,3 – switch over.

The move will be to wordpress. The main reason is that Blogger is a little to stiff when it comes to adjusting the site.

I want to get more active with Korewa Gundam, and so part of that will be having categories much like Z’s site, which you can see here.

I’ll keep you guys posted. Also, I just read how to take close up pictures on my camera, so I want to get a few shots of the S Gundam’s Incom unit that I finished last night.

Big weekend for me, I’ll be very busy!


S Gundam Update: Arms Done

Finished the S Gundam arms tonight. This was the first time I tried using masking tape to do multiple colors on the shoulders. (Click on the Photos for more details). First I painted the whole piece in normal red, then applied various strips of masking tape, then painted the whole piece again in a different mix of red. Once dried, removing the tape leaves the the design, I’m really happy how it turned out.

Here’s more detail on the left. One small bit of the Gundam System decal didn’t stick, but I’ll live with it. Fixing that one spot could potential ruin everything else.

Here’s the arms together.

Here’s the right arm. You can see the striping design better here.

Left again with the wing binder attached. You can see the metallic grey on the wing binder joint. I used the metallic grey for the venting in the shoulder too.

The PIII decal needed to go on the shoulder in my opinion. I love the Pegasus III. I’m still not entirely certain if its just the Nehl Argama or not, but its still one of my most favorite Assault Carriers in the Gundam Universe. I wish I could find a model of it, but I have the Albion to build so that’ll have to do for now.

I’m going to take a look at the instruction book tonight to figure out what section I’ll work on next. I suppose I could just go in order, but that would be the legs, and I might want to do the whole upper body first. I’ll keep you guys posted.

Until next time –