New Page, Gundam Video Games

I’ve added a new page for game reviews.

First up is SD Gundam: G Generation Spirits, so check it out when you can.




4 responses to “New Page, Gundam Video Games

  1. wah wah wah……nice nia ur blog…..juz hoping by to say hi to u…u have a nice skill…i m so jleouse XD

  2. hey dude…..thnx for the visiting my blog…….isit realli that my own design product gt ur attention? act wer u from……i from mareysia JB wan….mayb someday we can come out meet meet have a cup of coffee to share some our gunpla skill…hehehe…. xD

  3. @Otaku –

    Well, if those thrusters and beam saber parts are your design then absolutely!

    I’m from the States, so that might be a pretty long trip for some coffee, but my Fiancee is from the Philippines so when we’re there, maybe we could set something up seems Malaysia and Philippines are so close!

    I’ll add a chat box this weekend, I’m just leaving to go out of town but I’ll work some more tomorrow.

    Take care!

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