Looking for some Information on Gundam F-95


Hey guys – the picture above is of the Gundam F 95 JD.  Does anyone have any information about this unit?  I’ve tried looking on Google, but I only get sent in circles with no leads.

If any one has any interesting information on the F 95, its story, series, ect, please let me know!

Thanks Guys!


9 responses to “Looking for some Information on Gundam F-95

  1. Seems very mysterious to me. Hardly anything is out there apparently, but it is possible that it’s a doujin work.

    Afaik, there is a MG conversion kit for it by core-works, which need Wing ver. Ka or Wing Zero Custom as pre-requisite apparently.

  2. Thanks Q! Silly question of me, but who is doujin? I know I’ve seen that name before somewhere.

    I think I’ve seen a picture of the core works coversion. It looks pretty awesome!

  3. have you tried searching mahq.net for info yet? From what I remember Crossbone Gundam was XM-X1(F97). So you could try to look somewhere between Gundam F-91 to Crossbone Gundam’s timeline.

    This F-95 seems to ring a bell to me but can’t remember the details. It could possibly be in one of the F91-verse side-stories (manga). Hope it helps 🙂

  4. @ Jacques – You bet I have! I’m not sure why but even MAHQ doesn’t really have any information, unless I’m just missing it.

    I know, that’s why I want to find out what I can! I’d love to see the stage that lead to the Crossbone F97 from The F91!

    Thanks for the help!

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  6. The model for this F-95 kit was on HobbyFan.com (Not sure if it still is) I don’t think this is an official design, therefore I’m not sure that it has any official back story. As listen before I think this is either a doujin/fan made model kit that someone came up with. Then again, F-91 was supposed to be a fifty episode series, so it could be a part of that series that is missing.

  7. Thank you, yes that seems to be the case. I just really like the design and I like the idea that its the middle ground between the F91 and the F97 (XMX1)

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