Game Review: Giren No Yabou – Revolutionary War of Zeon


Well, after posting this topic (here) – I decided I should probably do a review on Mobile Suit Gundam – Giren no Yabou: Revolutionary War Of Zeon.

Let’s start with a little back history – The Giren no Yabou series is usually translated to Giren’s Greed, however yabou is actually “ambition” or “desire”, so it can be seen as Giren’s Ambition as well. 

The series began on Sega Saturn as Mobile Suit Gundam: Giren’s Greed – Blood of Zeon.  It was a strategy game which allows the player a sort of “what if” scenario, where you control an army through the One year war.  The player assumes full control over the full military, from deciding which new technologies to produce, to how many of certain unit to build, as well as when and where you attack your opponent.  Say you wanted to scrap the V project and win the OYW as the EFSF with nothing but Saberfish fighters, you can do that (although it’d be tough!) 

Blood of Zeon was then ported to both PlayStation 1 as well as DreamCast.  These new ports included extended scenarios that encompass the events leading through the Gryps conflict.

Revolutionary War of Zeon was released for PlayStation 2 early on in PS2’s carrer.  It features dramatically new game screens and responsibilities.

As the game opens up, you begin with control of Zeon during the first operation of the One Year War.   You’re allowed only the ability to control armies on a direct level, so  where they are sent is predetermined, but you can control each unit and decide who you want to attack in each area.   The battle gameplay is much like the SD Gundam series.  You select a unit and move it into position, then choose to attack or not.  1 Zaku II units consist of three Zaku II’s, and you can stack up to three units, so a total of 9 ZakuII’s attacking at once.  Each MS only has about 90 hps though, so when Units like the Gundam come along, there is only one Gundam, and it has 250 hps.  Battle ships can house and refuel units, as well as attack from a distance.   Characters add benefits to the unit they pilot.  So lets say you put Ramba Ral in a ZakuII unit.  Well, Ramba will only be in one of the three in the unit, but all three will be more acurate and deadly.  You would only “lose” Ramba after all three units are destroyed. 

After Operation British, the main game opens up.  Here you are allowed to chose either Zeon or EFSF.  Revolutionary War of Zeon only contains the events of OYW.  

I’m currently working on the EFSF side.  The game is very tough.  Even on Easy, you still have a lot to manage.  Unlike the old games, in this one, you control just about every aspect of the side you choose.  You need to maintain troop morale, allowing units to go on Leave for a  few turns, Development of technology and Mobile weapons – EFSF starts with the option to initial V Project, so you need to develop the RX series before you can use any of them and in the begining you are severely disadvantaged as Zeon has plent of MS options while EFSF is stuck with T61 tanks and jet fighters.  First up is the Core Fighter, which allows you to develop the Pegasus Class Ship and RX-75 Guntank. Once the Guntank is done, you can develop the Guncannon, and then The Prototype Gundam and so on.

You also need to maintain relations with companies like Anaheim Electronics and Lunar City.  By investing in these companies they reward you with money or weapons (AE gives out Mobile Suits quite a bit!).  You also need to maintain your control of the Senate as well as the Anti-War movement.  Failure to do so leads to the people revolting which is Game Over. 

The action heats up when you initiate attacks.  You get two maps, one of Earth and one of Space.  Both are beautifully rendered and show each area and your sphere of control in that area.  You need to initate attack reutes in order to send in your military but also need to maintain defenses as well incase they try to slip in the back while you’re occupied elsewhere.

Sounds like a lot, right?  Well luckily the game’s pace is actually quite controlled.  You get time to do each action before moving onto the next phase, so it becomes very involving and quite addicting as you begin to devlop more weapons and get the opportunity to see just what the Gundam is capable of in the hands of say, South Burning instead of Amuro.  You can produce as many RX-78-2s as you want actually and have a whole army of them, but the Gundam of course costs a lot more than say, a set of GM’s so its about balancing your budget as well. 

One of the best aspects of the series is fully animated cut scenes that show you events which either did not occur in the show, or took place behind the scenes.  So, say you take over New York as Zeon, you get a great animated clip showing a victory Parade thrown by Zeon which Dessert Zaku’s marching down 5th Avenue while the citizen’s of New York look on (not cheering, mind you, just watching in shock).  Or this clip of Zeon’s initial report on the V Project and the Federation’s New Mobile Suits.

All in all, its a very indepth game that allows you to play out the OYW as you would want to fight it.  The game’s text is very Kanji heavy so you need to be familiar with the spoken Japanese language if you’re not too great with Kanji (I know I’m not, but my Fiancee translates some of it for me too!)

Definatley check this one out if you can.  The 3D battle scenes are great and once you get the hang of the game flow, it becomes a lot of fun!


Until next time~



Follow up on a post by Z




Hey Gang,

Z posted an interesting concept on his blog.  Check it out here. 

But what I found just as interesting were the responses to his post about giving up on Gunpla kits.  You see, Z is faced with quite a predicament.  He has a literal STACK of kits just sitting there waiting to be built.  Quite frankly, I think almost every Gunpla builder probably has at least a small stack…I know I do. 

It can be overwhelming to think of all the work that needs to be done in order to turn that neat stack of parts-sheets into working, functioning Mobile Suit model.  I think Ngee said it best in his response when he reminded Z that you dont’ have to make your kits look like the pros do.  I need to hear that quite often myself, when I see work done by the guys at EbaseNet who basically take the whole piece of plastic apart and re-do it to look simply breathtaking. 

But the one thing we all need to remember is that, despite our skills, we all still have the interest in Gunpla in common.  After nearly 15 years of building kits, and believe me, I remember when I first completed my 1/144 Gundam Leopard, I still love to build them.  The key is pacing yourself and remembering that a hobby is what you do OUTSIDE of work, because as soon as it becomes a chore to put those leg panels together, then the hobby becomes work and you lose your passion.

Luckily, if that becomes the case, I think everyone will find that a break from building those kits and delving into the other wonders of this world, be it sci-fi, or real, will do wonders for allowing that flame for Gunpla to rekindle. 

For example, I’ve already posted my interest in the Monster Hunter games on this site.  Yes, believe it or not, Gundam does not own 100% of my interest real-estate….just a very very large portion!  My other “passions” include: Lord of the Rings, Monster Hunter, Star Wars, Stand-up Comedy, Astronomy and many other.  Some of you already know the vast data-base in my noggin that contains so much information about the various series in Gundam and the Mobile Suits, Characters and politics included.  But for every one of those passions listed, I have just as big a “data-base”. 

Inevitably, whenever I find that my interest in Gundam wanes, I can always rest assured that sooner or later, that interest will come about again full force. 

And Z, if you’re reading this – don’t worry, the leg panels of the S Gundam have been “Drying” for about 2 weeks now.  I just need to get them attached!  Takes about 10 seconds, and I can’t seem to find time.  Haha. 

Thanks for reading my rambling thoughts guys,

Until next time,

Ja ne~

MS Gundam: Ghiren No Yabou: Axis No Kyoui V


This one slipped under the radar.  NCSX has Axis no Kyoui V up for orders already.  I had only heard rumors of this game (for PS2) until now.

For those of you not familiar with the “Ghiren’s Greed” games, they take place in U.C., and up until now, usually encompassed the One Year War up to the Gryps Confilict.  The player assumes the role of “General” or “Head of State” for either EFSF, Zeon, AEUG or Axis Zeon and you then control pretty much everything involved in the war from Development of military projects to funding for companies like AE, to public moral!  They are very involving and time consuming games and true tactical fans will love them!

Kyoui V deals mainly with Axis Zeon, and Char’s rise with Neo Zeon.  Once again you can choose which side of the conflict to control, however, the story starts at Advance of Z (pre-Z gundam) through the Mafty Conflict and Hathaway’s Flash.

That means units like the Hazel Gundam, S Gundam and Xi Gundam are now featured as well as Nu and Sazabi! 

If you have a good 20 hours to kill, definately check out this game, but be warned, Ghiren’s Greed games have reputation for being “unforgiving” with mistakes. 



Char’s Gundam Complete

Wow, I really like how the RX-78 C.A. turned out.  I did not paint for the first time since my earliest days of building Gunpla kits (My very first kit was a 1/144 Gundam Leopard).  However, I invested in some Top Coat (flat) and it has made the final product look extrodinary!

Akai MS?  Char, Ka?

Akai MS? Char, Ka?

But that’s not all,

I also picked up M.S.G.’s Mechanical Chain Base #006, and, with a few highlights, put the whole thing together with an excellent end result!

Kochira Char, Ikuso!

Kochira Char, Ikuso!

I stayed true to the actual Ghiren’s Greed design and changed the eye camera’s to green instead of yellow.  I also wanted to use both the Beam Rifle and the Hyper Bazooka as I think that weapon load out on the Gundam would create a formidable foe.

I’ll try to do a “photo shoot” ala Z’s sight if I get the time.  But for now, at least  you can see what the final result is.

Also, for those of you wondering what the heck is going on with the S Gundam, rest assured, I’m still hard at work.  I finished the leg armor panels tonight so next up are the ankle guards and then I can move on to the Core Fighter and hips.  Slowly but surely it will get done.

Until next time!

Jaa na~

Papercraft Gundam?


Hey Gang!

I came across this today…its a papercraft model of the Gundam Hazel.  I love the Hazel.  I love that it’s just a testbed unit but still is functional and has seen a LOT of field time.

So I guess I’m going to try and do some Papercraft!  I’ve never done it before, so I’m sure this is going to be a tough start. 

Anyone have any tips?  I’m thinking Cardstock would work best, but I don’t know if the colors will print well on card stock or not.


I’ll keep you posted.


Also, Char’s Gundam is done, I’ll post this week.  Just have to finish the display stand.



New Picture of the Gundam F-95 JD and Other News~


Look at what I found on Google Images!  Its a new (and might I say, awesome) picture of the Gundam F-95 JD!  For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been trying to find out more information about the F95.  So far nothing new has come up.

I’d love to use this picture as my new banner, but as I don’t know who made it or owns it, I guess I’ll just make a post about it.

I’m also slowly but surely getting the S Gundam finished.  I just completed the second set of Leg Armor Panels, or at least have the striping done on them, all I need is the last “Frosting” coat and they’ll be attached. 

I’ve finished building the MG RX-78  C.A., and am just waiting on the display stand and top coat from HLJ.  Boy oh boy, they shipped it on the 14th of last month and it still hasn’t arrived!

Tonight I plan on finishing Char’s story on the Game Cube Game – Mobile Suit Gundam: Pilot’s Locus (the Ace Pilots) – his last mission is a DOOZY and the Zeong is a pain in the rear as its lack of melee leaves you pretty helpless if anything gets up in your face (which they do).    I’ll post a review of the game (its one of my favorites) as soon as I finish with Char.  Anavel Gato’s and Amuro’s are next (finished Shiro’s Missions on Monday). 


More to come.