New Picture of the Gundam F-95 JD and Other News~


Look at what I found on Google Images!  Its a new (and might I say, awesome) picture of the Gundam F-95 JD!  For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been trying to find out more information about the F95.  So far nothing new has come up.

I’d love to use this picture as my new banner, but as I don’t know who made it or owns it, I guess I’ll just make a post about it.

I’m also slowly but surely getting the S Gundam finished.  I just completed the second set of Leg Armor Panels, or at least have the striping done on them, all I need is the last “Frosting” coat and they’ll be attached. 

I’ve finished building the MG RX-78  C.A., and am just waiting on the display stand and top coat from HLJ.  Boy oh boy, they shipped it on the 14th of last month and it still hasn’t arrived!

Tonight I plan on finishing Char’s story on the Game Cube Game – Mobile Suit Gundam: Pilot’s Locus (the Ace Pilots) – his last mission is a DOOZY and the Zeong is a pain in the rear as its lack of melee leaves you pretty helpless if anything gets up in your face (which they do).    I’ll post a review of the game (its one of my favorites) as soon as I finish with Char.  Anavel Gato’s and Amuro’s are next (finished Shiro’s Missions on Monday). 


More to come.



7 responses to “New Picture of the Gundam F-95 JD and Other News~

  1. Oh that’s a nice pic of the F95 JD. Funny enough I’ve just sent some questions to MAHQ mailbag recently, including this mysterious Gundam. Maybe they will be able to get heads and tails out of this for you. 🙂

  2. Thanks buddy! I hope they get back to you. I know the general concensus from the last post was that it started as just a kit someone scratch built, but with more images showing up, I’m not sure if they created a story or background or what.

    It looks like a cross between the GP03 Stamen and the F90.

  3. hmm not sure if u’ve found out already or not but this F95-JD is created by the reknowned Windfall (柳濑敬之 Takayuki Yanase – one of the mech designers in Gundam 00) in a short doujin comic which was released in his “GC” illustration artbooks, also co-worked by Ryohta Magaki (Magic Room) and others. In terms of the storyline all that I know is that it lies between F91 and Crossbone’s era (as I was only able to find 2 of the artbooks). The design was inspired by Katoki’s Crossbone Gundam.

  4. Thanks Ed,

    That’s actually the most information I’ve ever received in a single post about the F-95. Thanks for the info!

  5. and this was long before the Corework’s conversion kit first came out, so the conversion kit was based on Windfall’s comic/illustrations, not the other way around.

  6. Oh, okay, sweet. Yeah, I’ve seen Core Works conversion, I may look into that later down the road (I have a full plate with kits), but I’d like to pick it up.

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