Papercraft Gundam?


Hey Gang!

I came across this today…its a papercraft model of the Gundam Hazel.  I love the Hazel.  I love that it’s just a testbed unit but still is functional and has seen a LOT of field time.

So I guess I’m going to try and do some Papercraft!  I’ve never done it before, so I’m sure this is going to be a tough start. 

Anyone have any tips?  I’m thinking Cardstock would work best, but I don’t know if the colors will print well on card stock or not.


I’ll keep you posted.


Also, Char’s Gundam is done, I’ll post this week.  Just have to finish the display stand.



7 responses to “Papercraft Gundam?

  1. I think Ngee Khiong has made some mini papercraft Gundams before (as mentioned on his blog Ngee Khiong Ex). Maybe you can ask him or email him on some tips? I’m sure he will help you out.

  2. Thanks Q, I took a look at the sheets and I may be in a bit over my head. I’ll send Ngee a quick email.

  3. papercraft is like… harder than any plastic will ever be. At least for me xD. and 1/60? That’s bound to be almost a foot tall!

  4. I’m finding that to be very true Z, very true indeed.

    I may have to put this new hobby on the back burner until I learn more about it.

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