Char’s Gundam Complete

Wow, I really like how the RX-78 C.A. turned out.  I did not paint for the first time since my earliest days of building Gunpla kits (My very first kit was a 1/144 Gundam Leopard).  However, I invested in some Top Coat (flat) and it has made the final product look extrodinary!

Akai MS?  Char, Ka?

Akai MS? Char, Ka?

But that’s not all,

I also picked up M.S.G.’s Mechanical Chain Base #006, and, with a few highlights, put the whole thing together with an excellent end result!

Kochira Char, Ikuso!

Kochira Char, Ikuso!

I stayed true to the actual Ghiren’s Greed design and changed the eye camera’s to green instead of yellow.  I also wanted to use both the Beam Rifle and the Hyper Bazooka as I think that weapon load out on the Gundam would create a formidable foe.

I’ll try to do a “photo shoot” ala Z’s sight if I get the time.  But for now, at least  you can see what the final result is.

Also, for those of you wondering what the heck is going on with the S Gundam, rest assured, I’m still hard at work.  I finished the leg armor panels tonight so next up are the ankle guards and then I can move on to the Core Fighter and hips.  Slowly but surely it will get done.

Until next time!

Jaa na~


5 responses to “Char’s Gundam Complete

  1. Wow gold colour for the rifle scope? Nice~

    RX-78 Char Custom, 3 times faster than Amuro’s ^^

  2. Thanks buddy! I know, I’m a gold-fanatic. I use it in almost every kit I assemble.

  3. Its funny you should ask – Ver. 1 I believe, but I’m curious as if it would still be compatible for my GM Sniper conversion or not.

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