MS Gundam: Ghiren No Yabou: Axis No Kyoui V


This one slipped under the radar.  NCSX has Axis no Kyoui V up for orders already.  I had only heard rumors of this game (for PS2) until now.

For those of you not familiar with the “Ghiren’s Greed” games, they take place in U.C., and up until now, usually encompassed the One Year War up to the Gryps Confilict.  The player assumes the role of “General” or “Head of State” for either EFSF, Zeon, AEUG or Axis Zeon and you then control pretty much everything involved in the war from Development of military projects to funding for companies like AE, to public moral!  They are very involving and time consuming games and true tactical fans will love them!

Kyoui V deals mainly with Axis Zeon, and Char’s rise with Neo Zeon.  Once again you can choose which side of the conflict to control, however, the story starts at Advance of Z (pre-Z gundam) through the Mafty Conflict and Hathaway’s Flash.

That means units like the Hazel Gundam, S Gundam and Xi Gundam are now featured as well as Nu and Sazabi! 

If you have a good 20 hours to kill, definately check out this game, but be warned, Ghiren’s Greed games have reputation for being “unforgiving” with mistakes. 




3 responses to “MS Gundam: Ghiren No Yabou: Axis No Kyoui V

  1. Is Gihren’s Greed like a huge strategy game then? I’ve heard of the name, but don’t know much about it, as it’s not as well known as the other Gundam games. What would you mean by the series for being ‘unforgiving’ with mistakes? You have to be nearly perfect to get good outcomes for each scenarios? It sounds like a lot of save and loading to me o_o…

  2. You bet my friend, its all strategy. The actual “action” takes place in turns where you select units and tell them which enemy units to attack. It then pans out in a side scrolling fight where you watch your units deal out (and take) damage.

    Each “phase” begins with diplomacy. Here you can adjust war taxes, bolster your standings with allies and initiate operations. Then you move on to technology, where you commission which units to produce, what new plans to put into action, etc. Finally you move to the action phase where you position your units and whatnot. It can be very addictive!

    By “unforgiving” I mean if you don’t act on suggestion and plans given by your advisers, you can sure be the enemy will be so you’ll be caught in tight spot.

    Definatly give it a try Q, you’ll like it I’m sure!

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