Follow up on a post by Z




Hey Gang,

Z posted an interesting concept on his blog.  Check it out here. 

But what I found just as interesting were the responses to his post about giving up on Gunpla kits.  You see, Z is faced with quite a predicament.  He has a literal STACK of kits just sitting there waiting to be built.  Quite frankly, I think almost every Gunpla builder probably has at least a small stack…I know I do. 

It can be overwhelming to think of all the work that needs to be done in order to turn that neat stack of parts-sheets into working, functioning Mobile Suit model.  I think Ngee said it best in his response when he reminded Z that you dont’ have to make your kits look like the pros do.  I need to hear that quite often myself, when I see work done by the guys at EbaseNet who basically take the whole piece of plastic apart and re-do it to look simply breathtaking. 

But the one thing we all need to remember is that, despite our skills, we all still have the interest in Gunpla in common.  After nearly 15 years of building kits, and believe me, I remember when I first completed my 1/144 Gundam Leopard, I still love to build them.  The key is pacing yourself and remembering that a hobby is what you do OUTSIDE of work, because as soon as it becomes a chore to put those leg panels together, then the hobby becomes work and you lose your passion.

Luckily, if that becomes the case, I think everyone will find that a break from building those kits and delving into the other wonders of this world, be it sci-fi, or real, will do wonders for allowing that flame for Gunpla to rekindle. 

For example, I’ve already posted my interest in the Monster Hunter games on this site.  Yes, believe it or not, Gundam does not own 100% of my interest real-estate….just a very very large portion!  My other “passions” include: Lord of the Rings, Monster Hunter, Star Wars, Stand-up Comedy, Astronomy and many other.  Some of you already know the vast data-base in my noggin that contains so much information about the various series in Gundam and the Mobile Suits, Characters and politics included.  But for every one of those passions listed, I have just as big a “data-base”. 

Inevitably, whenever I find that my interest in Gundam wanes, I can always rest assured that sooner or later, that interest will come about again full force. 

And Z, if you’re reading this – don’t worry, the leg panels of the S Gundam have been “Drying” for about 2 weeks now.  I just need to get them attached!  Takes about 10 seconds, and I can’t seem to find time.  Haha. 

Thanks for reading my rambling thoughts guys,

Until next time,

Ja ne~

3 responses to “Follow up on a post by Z

  1. Indeed. Gunpla-ing should be a hobby that serves like a motivation for one going through tht busy days. Should that start to ‘break down’ to part of the chore, then it is indeed better digress and do something else or take a break from it. Does get harder and harder when one gets older doesn’t it? I’ve once heard a man who said that it takes him weeks on a MG by working just small amounts of it every night or two. But it works for him so he got that going well to keep his interest. I guess we just need to find the right pace for ourselves just like running.

    And who wouldn’t have a backlog of gunpla, seriously? 😛

  2. Wholeheartedly agreed. While we don’t have to make our models look like pro, I think we naturally want to improve upon our previous work. That’s how we get ourselves to try new things like panel lining, sanding, and painting. Our own standard then increases and doing the fun minimum (snap-built only) doesn’t work anymore. So we put more effort into our newer kits and of course, that results in more work. Guess it’s also natural one would run out of fuel eventually if the fire of passion keeps burning ^^;. It’s great that you have a vast selection of other hobbies to dwell into. I need more of that. Anyway, get that S Gundam together man! 😀

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