Threat of Zeon

Well gang, I’m back and I’m married.  Married life so far has been just great, our Wedding went off without a single problem and we had just beautiful weather for it! 

Surprisingly, I managed to squeeze in a bit of Giren’s Greed on PS2 in the last week.  I’ve got the Zeon on the run as the EFSF, and my newly developed Heavy and Full Armor Gundams have been proving quite worth the expenseive price tag.  The Zeonic army has been forced back to A bou a Qu, Granada and Side Three….unfortunately they’re pretty much holed up in there and the defense for each area is tremendous.   And then they released these guys on me….


This would be the newly developed High Mobility Gyan – Black Tri-Stars custom.  These things are a major pain in my side.

You see in Giren’s Greed, you can decide to go with one technology route over another, so in this case, Zeon decided to go ahead with the Gyan production, and the Black-Tri Stars recived they’re own units.  They’re about as strong as a Gundam in terms of Armor, and with those beam lances, Battleships become sitting ducks. 

Luckily the G3 should be just about done in the next turn or so, so I’ll have my own trump card.

Until next time –