EbaseNet: Erix93 Nu Gundam Head

Hey Gang,

Do yourselves a favor and check out Erix93’s Nu Gundam display Head he finished over at Ebasenet.com, here.  This is just simply outstanding work…especially when you view the “work in progress” pages and I really like how Erix93 shows both the original mold and his work side by side.

Erix93, you’re an inspiration to us all in the Gundam community, and your team members as well!  Keep up the outstanding work!

Image belongs to Erix93/Ebasenet.com

Image belongs to Erix93/Ebasenet.com


4 responses to “EbaseNet: Erix93 Nu Gundam Head

  1. A darker, greyer tone than usual, but the extra details such as the metallic vulcan guns, hydraulics, and sensors are fab!

  2. Erix93’s work has always been an eye-opener and inspiration to me. Great stuff, I personally feel that even G-Sys does not look as impressive as this, not to mention at a cheaper price too.

  3. @ Q – You bet! I actually like the darker tone, and in fact, it may just be the lighting, but it does look more militaristic with that shade of grey.

    @ Jacques – I agree. I have a GP04 bust built and painted BY G Systems and this blows it out of the water. Simply amazing work, and I believe Whitebase is working on the V Gundam head as well so I can’t wait to see how that turns out!

  4. I can’t click on the link because it’s like…inside your border or something :(. This is like best lookin Nu Gundam (head) i’ve ever seen o_o.

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