S Gundam: Additional Equipment





Here’s a great plain picture of the S Gundam…one of my personal favorite pictures of this fantastic machine.  (I feel the S gets over shadowed by its suped up Ex-S layout far too often).  I want you guys to notice something…look at the hips, see those wing-like beam cannons?  The are included in the official equipment layout of the S Gundam.   They’re basically your run of the mill beam cannons/rifle – given to the S on its hips as back up, as its main weapon is the Beam Smart Gun, which is more powerful.

You’ll notice the Z Plus has them too, and after all, why not, the Z Plus, developed in conjuction with the S, carries another type of Beam Smart Gun as its main weapon as well.


Now take a close look at Bandai’s MG S Gundam.


Those nifty little beam cannons are suspiciously missing.  In thier stead, Bandai decided (for the model’s limitations) to add the “hip mounted back up generator”, which allows the Beam Smart Gun to (somewhat awkwardly) connect in front of the S Gundam.     I say Bleh.   No thanks.  Not gonna do it Bandai. 

I’ve already started to modify the long barrel beam cannons on the back with longer cylinders (from BIC ball point pens!) so what will I do about the hip mounted beam cannons?  Well those will be happily donated by my MG Z plus, repainted and equiped on the S Gundam.  I plan to have the Z Plus in the Wave Rider mode anyway, so you won’t even notice that they’re missing and it’ll give the S Gundam that extra little “umpf”. 

I’ll keep you all posted, I’m working on this stuff all this week (plus finishing that pesky core block system!)



3 responses to “S Gundam: Additional Equipment

  1. The change of side skirt equipment does seem odd. Are both the beam cannons and generators cameo equipments for the S Gundam?

  2. No, as far as I can determine, the beam cannons are fixed arms for the unit. I think Bandai took them off so they could find a way for the kit to support the BSG and still maintain transformability.

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