1/100 MG S Gundam – Complete

IMG_0292Yes, that’s right, after over 6 months of work, the S Gundam is finally done.  I’m just going to get right into it, so here we go:

IMG_0296I have to admit, the red scheme worked so much better than the blue it was molded in.  Plus the panel shading helps the color stick out really well.

IMG_0307I did a few customizations on the kit – I moved the sight of the Beam Smart Gun to the top, instead of the side.  As mentioned, I also added the side cannons, which you can see here.  I also used pen cases for the shoulder cannons, the ones included in the kit were way to short.

Close up of the Beam Smart Gun

Close up of the Beam Smart Gun

In case you’re wondering why it’s called a “Smart” gun, the technology of the rifle allows for the beam shot to arch towards its target, unlike the traditional straight shot.

IMG_0310I tried to do red striping on the beam saber hilt, but meh, it didn’t turn out like I thought it would.




Tamiya Chrome Silver for the thrusters, with gold inner rings.

IMG_0315The pen cases worked pretty well, though I ended up having to use model glue to keep them attached to the mount.

IMG_0316and here’s a final shot of the S Gundam next to the Powered GM for comparison.


So there we go.

I’m going to try and get some of my back collection updated as well…hence the Powered GM seen here.

Hope you guys like the S Gundam.

I’ll post again shortly,


S Gundam Update

There’s a lot to post on.  The 1/1 Gundam built in Tokyo is completed, check out Ngee’s site, he has some you tube clips up.  I wish I could make it there in time to see it in person, but that’ll never happen.  I won’t be in Asia until next year for my honeymoon.  Oh well, I can only be grateful that the internet exists for this sort of thing. 

Believe it or not gang, the S Gundam is just about done.  I”m on the last part of construction, namely the weapons.  I have the main unit assembled, and took some crappy pictures with my G1.  The get the point across though. 

Front View

Front View

The camera on my phone is really impressive, but these pictures don’t really show much detail.  Once I’m done with everything I’ll take better shots.

Side View

Side View

Everything is pretty much down hill from here, so I’ll keep you guys posted.



Another quick note:

Just a quick note, I forgot to mention this earlier –

I’m selling off my Gundam Video Game collection.  Mostly for PS2.  The games up for sale are:

MSG: Lost War Chronicles

MSG: AEUG vs. Titans

SD Gundam, G Generation Seed

MSG: OMNI vs. Zaft

MSG: Meguriai Sora (encounters in space)

MSG: Giren’s Greed Axis V – PSP

SD Gundam Gashapon Wars – GameCube (kinda rare!)

All of them are in great shape, in the box and with Instructions.  All are JPN region. 

If you’re interested, just shoot me an email.

Quick Update

Hey Gang,

Just a quick update, believe it or not, I’ve finished the core block system of the S Gundam.  I’ll take some shots of the progress so far tonight and post again.

Now that I’ve crested THAT hill, everything seems easier now.  Weapons are next, then the final assembly. 
More to come!