1/100 Scale MG Z Plus: Complete

Phew.  Just in time for vacation, the Z Plus is 99.9% done.

IMG_0337Why 99.9%?  Well, because there are just a few touch-ups I’d like to get done, and I need to find a suitable decal setter, I bought a small bottle today, but its garbage, so I’m going to try a different brand from my hobby store…if that fails…*sigh*..I guess I’ll get Mr. Mark Setter from Hobby Wave..but I don’t want to spend 5 bucks only to be charged 11 for shipping.

Gundam System -

Gundam System -

My set of Gundam Sentinal decals came with four Gundam System icons.  I’ve used two on the S, so the Z Plus got its own on the Beam Smart Gun.  If I can get my hands on the FAZZ, I’ll use the final decal on that.

IMG_0338IMG_0342I used my decal program to create the Z plus decals.  They turned out okay, but I would like to get some of that mark setter so they’re a bit less obvious as decals.

The Wave Rider transformation is actually pretty easy, which is surprising.


So now that the Z plus is done, I can finish up on the Blue Destiny – the decals came the other day.  But for a week, I’ll be out of touch in the northern woods of my state.  My wife’s bringing her camera so I’ll have pictures.

Until then –





MG Z Plus Well Under Way

IMG_0335The Z Plus is well under way.  At first, I was debating whether I should go with a different color scheme, but in the end I went against it.  I really like the all gray “G-3-ish” color for it.

IMG_0332I also like the idea of a “grunt-like” Z Gundam.  For some reason, it just makes the unit seem more realistic.  I will be doing some stripes on the armor of the shoulders and legs, like the S Gundam.

IMG_0326I’ve started using Metallic Gray for the inner frame.


Well, that’s all for now.  I’ll be working on it all this week, so I anticipate being done by the weekend.

Until then,

Jaa na~

The Blue Destiny Project: MG Blue Destiny Conversion Kit 1/100

Okay, so here’s the back story:
Several years back, I had bought the MG Ground GM and Ez8 with the sole purpose of converting both kits – the Ez8 to the Ez8 High Mobility Custom (as seen in SD Gundam) and I purchased from a knock-off B Club dealer, the Blue Destiny Resin conversion kit for the Ground GM.   The Ez8 was my first customize kit, which I’ll post on later.  It turned out alright considering it was my first attempt.

But here’s the thing with Knock-Off (copied) resin kits, they don’t use the same quality resin as the originals.  That’s why you get the kit for a fraction of the cost.  But you end up getting what you pay for.  Most of the time, there is warping of the pieces, flash from the mold in the worst spots, or just plain “mutated” pieces.  Luckily, the dealer I went through sold pretty decent replicas, so the BD Kit was in pretty good shape.  But, as it would happen, I was still hand painting my kits back then…so…the end result was this:

IMG_0322Not too terrible, but not great either.  Over all, pretty “Meh”.

IMG_0318I know…he’s missing a hand.  That’s because what I ended up finding out was that the resin slots for the leg polycaps and the center waist double joint were just poorly molded and wouldn’t support the weight of the top half of the MS.  He fell so many times, that eventually, the center joint broke, the Machine Gun broke in two places (which was odd) and eventually I just had enough.  Blue went into storage.

….then I finished the S Gundam.  And found that I didn’t have any grey paints to get cracking on the Z Plus, so I took a look at my storage and came across Blue all broken and put away….and I thought “Hmmm…..maybe….”

So I went online, looked at a few pictures of the Blue Destiny from various sources and decided I’d take another shot at it.

I decided to go with a very light blue for the limbs.  So light, that I decided to call it “Anime Colors” as I figure this is what it would look like if Blue Destiny was animated.

IMG_0323I basically reworked the whole thing…to an extent.  I still cringe at that “triangle” decal that is basically hand painted on the chest.  But I used a special putty to seal and secure the double jointed torso, adding a ton of stability.

IMG_0325I also replaced all the barrels of the chest and head vulcans with copper piping, added a little detail to the main visor camera, cleaned up the excess florescent red areas in the cameras and added a few Katoki-esque decals.   The machine gun is actually the GFF 1/144 Mudrock’s machine gun, but for some reason, the scale seemed right, so it fits as an adequate replacement.

I’m not done at this point, but I’ve reached a dead-end.  I ordered custom Blue Destiny Decals from Samuel Decal – a great source for those looking to add a bit more design to their kits.  I plan on getting rid of that god awful chest “triangle”, adding the Exam System decals, EF Army lettering, and I may just repaint the entire torso and clean it up a bit.

So there we go.  In the meantime, while I wait for those decals, I’ll be running to the hobby store to grab some new bottles of grey for the Z Plus.  I’ve also decided on doing a custom color scheme for the MG Strike, but that’s a ways off.

Until then – Jaa~

Bonus Purchase

2009-06-30 20.04.42

When I think of Capcom, the first thing I think of is, of course, Monster Hunter.  The second thing I think of is Mega Man X.  My favorite side-scrolling series on SNES and Play Station. 

I bought these two kits through Amazon.com – one of X and one of Zero.  They’re produced by Bandai, so the quality is pretty great, I should think.  I have no intention of painting them though, for all intents and purposes, they’re just action figures.

We’ll see what happens.

Next up on the Gundam list:

Fixing my PG Gundam Mk. II. 

Fixing my MG Conversion of RX-79 Bd1 Blue Destiny.

Finishing MG Z Plus (to correspond with the S Gundam, of course).

Catching up on my back dated completed MG Kits. 

Then it’ll be on to either the MG Aile Strike Gundam, 1/11000 Albion, or the 1/100 Gundam Double X.