Bonus Purchase

2009-06-30 20.04.42

When I think of Capcom, the first thing I think of is, of course, Monster Hunter.  The second thing I think of is Mega Man X.  My favorite side-scrolling series on SNES and Play Station. 

I bought these two kits through – one of X and one of Zero.  They’re produced by Bandai, so the quality is pretty great, I should think.  I have no intention of painting them though, for all intents and purposes, they’re just action figures.

We’ll see what happens.

Next up on the Gundam list:

Fixing my PG Gundam Mk. II. 

Fixing my MG Conversion of RX-79 Bd1 Blue Destiny.

Finishing MG Z Plus (to correspond with the S Gundam, of course).

Catching up on my back dated completed MG Kits. 

Then it’ll be on to either the MG Aile Strike Gundam, 1/11000 Albion, or the 1/100 Gundam Double X.



7 responses to “Bonus Purchase

  1. Yep, not tremendously common, but if you check Ebay you’ll find a few I’m sure, or Amazon, that’s where I found mine.

    I’ve started working on the BD last night. It shouldn’t take too much to fix it up, so I’ll keep everyone posted.

  2. Despite knowing (but haven’t played much) the X series for a while, I never knew that there of model kits of X and Zero until now o_o

    Which X is this armoured version based on? And I will be looking forward to see the completed kits as I am eager to know how they look like!

  3. Me either Q, I just came across them by chance one day. I’ll post on them as soon as I’m done, which should be this weekend.

  4. Oh, and I’m not sure Q, It’s called “X all X” so I think its just a made up armor for the kit series. I have the whole collection on PS2 and have never seen a “X all X” in any game.

  5. I’n looking forward to your completion of MG Conversion of RX-79 Bd1 Blue Destiny, I wonder if it will ever make it into the MG line.

  6. I’m just about done my friend, I’ll post this week for sure. I love your banner with all three Blue Destiny’s –

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