MG Z Plus Well Under Way

IMG_0335The Z Plus is well under way.  At first, I was debating whether I should go with a different color scheme, but in the end I went against it.  I really like the all gray “G-3-ish” color for it.

IMG_0332I also like the idea of a “grunt-like” Z Gundam.  For some reason, it just makes the unit seem more realistic.  I will be doing some stripes on the armor of the shoulders and legs, like the S Gundam.

IMG_0326I’ve started using Metallic Gray for the inner frame.


Well, that’s all for now.  I’ll be working on it all this week, so I anticipate being done by the weekend.

Until then,

Jaa na~


3 responses to “MG Z Plus Well Under Way

  1. I prefer the Z Plus over the original Zeta Gundam too (grunt/mass production unit + it’s just cooler IMHO). I did think of getting one and paint it similar to the limited version of GFFMC, where it has a blue and white colour scheme (’cause my sister loves that but the GFFMC is too expensive for its quality), but not sure whether I have the skills and time to paint it properly.

    Having a G-3 like colour scheme is cool too. Btw is this A-1 or C-1 variant?

  2. Exactly Q, I feel the same way. Or, more specifically, I like that the S Gundam is like the “commander” unit, then the Z pluses and FAZZs are support units. I may look into the FAZZ after my current projects.

    This is the C1. A-1 is the Red and Tan, “Amuro” version.

  3. I agree with you all about the issues on the color scheme. The original Gundams all had bright colors of blue, red and yellow which makes them looked like toys than realistic mechas. Matte and dull colors however does the exact opposite mimicking real-life. Can you imagine if military weapons and crafts all looking bright blue, red and yellow o.O!?

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