1/100 Scale MG Z Plus: Complete

Phew.  Just in time for vacation, the Z Plus is 99.9% done.

IMG_0337Why 99.9%?  Well, because there are just a few touch-ups I’d like to get done, and I need to find a suitable decal setter, I bought a small bottle today, but its garbage, so I’m going to try a different brand from my hobby store…if that fails…*sigh*..I guess I’ll get Mr. Mark Setter from Hobby Wave..but I don’t want to spend 5 bucks only to be charged 11 for shipping.

Gundam System -

Gundam System -

My set of Gundam Sentinal decals came with four Gundam System icons.  I’ve used two on the S, so the Z Plus got its own on the Beam Smart Gun.  If I can get my hands on the FAZZ, I’ll use the final decal on that.

IMG_0338IMG_0342I used my decal program to create the Z plus decals.  They turned out okay, but I would like to get some of that mark setter so they’re a bit less obvious as decals.

The Wave Rider transformation is actually pretty easy, which is surprising.


So now that the Z plus is done, I can finish up on the Blue Destiny – the decals came the other day.  But for a week, I’ll be out of touch in the northern woods of my state.  My wife’s bringing her camera so I’ll have pictures.

Until then –





2 responses to “1/100 Scale MG Z Plus: Complete

  1. Loved the decal placement you got on your kit. This version of zeta looks way better than the regular one. Nice work!

  2. Thanks! I agree, I like the Z Plus better than the Z, just like I like the FAZZ better than the FA Double Z.

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