A call for help

Hey guys,

Check this out.   This modeler is amazing, and I’m trying to produce my Double X as close as possible to this, but here’s where I need help.

Look at those elbow joints.  Those are NOT HG joints.  Neither are the shoulder joints.

Does anyone have ANY information on how to do this stuff?  I’ve used Wave Option parts in the past, but they don’t really cut it.  I can’t seem to find any tutorials on the internet on how to do this kind of joint replacement, so if anyone knows anything that would be of use, can you let me know?

Thanks guys –


4 responses to “A call for help

  1. Looks to me like they’re from a Master Grade kit of some kind. Maybe the F91/Crossbone lineage. I’ve seen some work where a MG Freedom was using to add the X and X-Divider onto them (usually googling won’t find it, but I can find the link by searching on the HobbyFanatics board). Very good stuff!

  2. Thanks Zircor, I came to the same conclusion today myself, in fact, I’ve determined that he used the arm joints of an RX-79 MG Kit (GM, Ez8, etc).

    So basically, there’s no way to do this without really modding the kit….so I’ve already tore out the shoulders and puttied in new joints using the RX-79 arms I have. This is going to be one heck of a mod, that’s for sure.

    Wish me luck!

  3. bit late but you are spot-on with identifying the elbow joints in-question, they are from the MG line.

    Good luck with your mod, I’m sure it’ll turn out wonderfully.

  4. Thanks my friend, as it turns out, I have it nearly perfect, and am going to post on my work as soon as I’m done with the paint job.

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