Double X Status

Well, for as harsh on myself as I was for what I considered a terrible mod, I think the arms have turned out quite alright:


The RX-79 elbow joints really fit quite nicely.



Its time for some advice.  Guys, really, if you every think its a good idea to save a few bucks on a knock-off Chinese version of a BanDai kit, don’t.  This model has so many unforgivable flaws its ridiculous.  I’m spending nearly half my time correcting obvious flaws in the mold.  For instance, take a look at how “well” the head fits together:


This will be a matter of simply cutting out the pegs and gluing the thing together.  But still, the guy with the mold press went a bit too fast.

For that matter, the parts that are supposed to be clear green, like say, oh, the CHEST PANELS were molded in white.  *Sigh*….

Well, I’ll keep you all posted, I’m going to do my damnedest to get this thing looking as sharp as the reference kit.

Jaa ne~


8 responses to “Double X Status

  1. You used a knock-off kit to mod with the joints? Which brand did you use exactly? I’ve heard from Youtuber Prime92 that the TT Hongli ones are one of the betters ones, but I can’t confirm on that since I don’t own any.

  2. Bwuhahahaha! I have bought two faux gundam kits, and they fitted well. That was banki products though, can I ask what the fakes company names though

  3. @ AstrayP03:
    lol you bought the “Little White Dragon” brand… Those guys are even brave enough to make their own TV (I guess?) advertisment on their fake gunpla products, as I’ve once seen in a forum.

  4. haha, yeah… I know it’s little white dragon =) what surprised me is the TV ads :S… ah well, they ARE chinese after all… Is there anything they can’t do? xD or we, for that matter? lol

  5. Well I’m glad you guys know what I’m talking about! This thing though, I have no idea who made it, but I’m thinking I would have been better off getting the original kit. Oh well, live and learn I guess.

  6. Wow… so cheap… that it is not even worth modding around with D:. That’s pretty disgusting. I avoid fake stuff like that like a plague. I’ve seen some before though… from BENDI… the box was like photocopied with too much contrast on the color. I didn’t even want to see how it looks like inside o_o

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