Strike and Blue Destiny

Okay, well, I was going to do the Aile Strike Gundam in a custom color scheme, white legs and arms, but then black and soft orange for the chest (and feet).

But then I saw the Gundam Evolve video of the Strike:

It’s a little…”Matrix-y” but it’s still awesome.  The Evolve videos began as DVDs contained in Perfect Grade kits, but I believe they’re stand alone now.  I have Vol. II which came with my PG Gundam Mk. II.

There’s also this:

So, I guess I’ll be sticking to the regular colors now.

As for Blue Destiny, I’ve bought two new blues and am going to keep working on fixing it up while I work on the Strike.

I’ll keep you posted –



Max Capacity ….again..

Once again, I’m out of room.

IMG_0386Not sure what I’m going to do here, but before I get working on the next project, I’ll need to figure something out.

But at least you can see the over head lights I managed to install on the first two shelved (still working on No. 3).


Complete: HG 1/100 GX-9901 Gundam Double X

Well, the Double X is complete.


Now, considering the quality of the kit (knock off), and the extensive modifications done, I’d say over all, I’m very pleased with the final result.


I ended up using the Beam Machine gun from the X Divider kit I had started (but couldn’t finish because I ended up accidentally throwing away some part panels).  This worked out seems the beam rifle that came with the kit was impossible to fix and make look right.

IMG_0375IMG_0372IMG_0381I used Samuel Decal for the markings.  They worked out awesome.  I’m very happy with them.

So that’s if for now.  I have to figure out what I’m going to build next, the MG Aile Strike Gundam or the Albion….or continue with the Blue Destiny.

Until Next Time –

Jaa –