Aile Strike Gundam: WSIP

Well, the Strike Gundam is done, I just have to start the Aile Pack and finish the weapons….

IMG_0387Well and add the details.


I mixed Tamiya Metallic Grey with Testors Gunship grey for the inner frame parts.  It added just the right amount of metallic “shine” to the color.  I tried the same with Tamiya Chrome silver and Testors flat white, but you can’t really see the “shine” unless you see the Gundam in person.

IMG_0392I’m going to get a better shot of it, but I figured out, all you have to do to get the reflective eye cameras is to simply cut the eyes from the sticker included.

More to come soon, the Aile pack shouldn’t take too long.


6 responses to “Aile Strike Gundam: WSIP

  1. Thanks!, Well, I typically use either a small hand drill which you can get at any hobby store, or now that I’m better at eying up the patter, I’ll use my black and decker power drill.

  2. I like how the grey parts have turned out – it sure looks more metallic than plastic that way!

  3. Thanks Q! I just realized though that the white is really an “off-white” due to the chrome silver mixed in….oh well.

  4. Nah, it’s just a power screwdriver/drill, its easy.

    Making sure those holes are lined up evenly, THAT’S the challenge.

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