MG Victory Gundam!


Ngee had this up on his blog this evening.  Awesome!  I’m glad to see another UC MG kit coming out, and its ABOUT TIME the V Gundam got its own MG.

I hope its released soon!


5 responses to “MG Victory Gundam!

  1. Oh, me too Gunstray, me too, but I do like the V1, I just think the series was a little to “campy” for it in the beginning and so it wasn’t shown in the very best light.

  2. I’m delighted that Victory has finally made it into the MG line and this will be the prelude to V2 release. Hopefully, we don’t have to wait too long V2 to come. Early next year should be a great time for release.

  3. I agree! I hope Bandai won’t pull their usual stunt and release the V2, then the V2 assault buster a few months later. They should just release the Assault Buster and leave it up to the modeler whether he wants to attach the equipment or not.

  4. I just have a nasty feeling that Bandai may even release Assault and Buster seperately for V2… You know they’re pretty evil when it comes to that sort of marketing ^^;

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