SD Gundam: G Generation Wars

What the??

How did this one slip under the radar?


Released for the PS2 and Nintendo Wii – SD Gundam G Generation Wars is the latest addition to the G Generation series and as you can see, encompasses every series from MS Gundam to MS Gundam OO (at least season 1).

I’m definately going to pick this up as soon as I can get an extra $70 bucks, but I’ll have to go with the PS2 version as Nintendo’s latest system updated rendered my WiiKey 2 Modchip useless….*sigh*…which means my copy of Monster Hunter G and Tri is up for sale if anyone’s interested.  I also have a copy of MS Gundam: Pilot’s Locus for Game Cube for sale.

On a side note, I’ll be done with the Aile Strike in a day or so, I really only have the stand left to finish.  I’ve been looking into the Gale Strike, it looks pretty awesome, even though I don’t know too much about the Seed Vs. Astray series yet and even less about the Librarian Faction.  Still, we’ll see what happens.  I have to finish working on the Blue Destiny as well.

Anybody interested in those games, just pm me, we’ll work out a deal.



4 responses to “SD Gundam: G Generation Wars

  1. Weird, yes, but its good to see context sensitive diagloge with the pilots. Much like Spirits would have the cockpit cut scene with certain MS as well.

  2. There is a gundam 00 season 2 ms there.At the top center,there is 00 Raiser,Trans-aming~

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