What Have I Been Working On?

Well…a couple of things:


First  –


I have Bandai/Namco to blame for my lack of progress on other projects.  SD Gundam G Generation Wars is quite a handful.  The game encompasses everything from Mobile Suit Gundam through OO Gundam, and is broken up between four senarios – Original Generation (0079 through 0133 V Gundam), Another Generation (G Gundam through Turn A Gundam), New Generation (Seed through OO Gundam) and Ex Generation, which is a series of challange missions.
The game is pretty amazing.  It uses the same engine as G Generation Spirits – but for obvious reasons, the stories are vastly abridged to make room.

Still, I’m about 30 hours in and still loving it.  There’s nothing like Kira Yamato piloting the Strike Noir, joining Garod Ran in the X Divider duking it out with Char in the Nightingale.

The other project I’ve been working on is the Blue Destiny (again).


After much delibertating – I’ve decided to rework the entire model from the ground up.  When I first picked up the conversion kit, it came with the parts to make either the Blue Destiny 1 or 2 (or 3 ) – for some rediculous reason, I decided to toss the BD 2 parts…….I have no idea why. SO…..as an alternative, I’m doing my own take on the Blue Destiny Design.  Consider it a Ver. Apt.
So that’s all for the moment. I’ll be working on the Blue Destiny all week and will have some more updates.   Honestly though, I finally picked up a PS3 this weekend so that should be arriving this week too.  We’ll see what happens.  MS Gundam 0081 is out and I’d like to look into that.


Jaa ~

2 responses to “What Have I Been Working On?

  1. Looks like I am not the only one catching the gaming bug! Currently hooked onto playing games so my gunpla building have sorta taken a back seat! If only they release this G gen for PS3…..

  2. Well luckily, I scoured the inter-webs to find a 60GB backwards compatible Japanese PS3, so I can still play SD Gundam on it.

    Luckily PS3 uses Blu Ray for games and movies, and Japan and the US have the same region for Blu Ray – so that’s awesome.

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