GunplaSG – Check it out!

Hey gang,

So I’m pretty excited – I found a new site today that offers a really great (and better yet AFFORDABLE) selection of Gunpla kits and supplies.

The site is called GunplaSG – and they have one particular item I’ve been looking all over for – METAL UPGRADE PARTS – I just bought a bunch of thrusters and even a set of beam rifle barrels this afternoon, I can’t wait, and will be utilizing them with the Blue Destiny Project.
They also have the resin Shot Lancer weapon for the Crossbone Gundam X1 & 2- I want to pick that up and maybe I’ll even get the combo set which includes better thrusters and revamp my X1 next.
Anyway, definitely check this place out – I know I’ll be going back for more supplies –



15 responses to “GunplaSG – Check it out!

  1. that’s a great news to hear. Always good to have alternatives amd even better if it’s in local.

    Looking forward to hear your reviews and thoughts about your purchase.

  2. I agree my friend, and seems my usual fall back is HLJ – a store like this is WAY better! I’ll keep everyone posted for sure –

  3. Yes Zhe, SG Dollars. I don’t know how he’s managing to keep the prices so low, especially when all resin kits have the disclaimer that they are GUARANTEED to be better than e2046.

  4. EXACTLY! and not to mention free shipping if we purchase over SG40! which is a piece of cake considering how expensive kits are.

    not that i’m complaining… I’ve always wanted to get a sword calamity resin kit xD

  5. I know Astray! Its awesome!
    @Marzz – we’ll find out. I just paid today and I’ll let you guys know when it arrives.

  6. @Astray – Yes, but quite honestly, the shipping charges for over seas are very very reasonable. Mine was only a few dollars – that’s pretty awesome.

  7. True…true. Email the owner, Murphy – he’s a really nice guy, and he should be able to let you know how much shipping will be.

    I’m definitely ordering the GP04 conversion kit when I can, but the Sword Calamity is pretty radical too, It’s one of my favorite Seed MSV.

  8. That looks sweet..cant wait to learn more about you purchse. also has great prices and some rare models

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