1/100 RX-79 BD1 Master Grade Blue Destiny Conversion

Finally done…

Now, just for reference sake, let’s take a look at where the Blue Destiny started from:


Ver. 1

After using the arms for the Gundam Double X, I had to find an alternative, which I found by modifying old MkII arms.  I then wanted to go with my own touch, and revamped the entire design using three concepts:  the Gundam GPO1 FB, Gundam Hazel, and Giren’s Greed’s “What if ” idea.

Most of the Gunpla SG parts I ordered were incorporated into this kit.  I saved a few thrusters for my next couple of projects.

Alternate Shield

As for the back pack….

Some of you I guess didn’t like the design…which I guess I can’t help, but I’m pretty pleased with the final result.  You see, the Blue Destiny’s designer was initial a Zeon scientist (if I recall correctly) – and I thought the lower thrusters would look good resembling a bit of the Zeon design that’s seen under the skirt armor of the Dom or Gelgoog.  But then the upper thrusters I wanted as a sort of Prototype Full Vernier design, or, if you look at the Blue Destiny 2 and 3, the extended thrusters on the back.  Either way, it gives the Blue Destiny a faster, more maneuverable set up.

I added thrusters to the back of the legs as well, in light of the Giren’s Ambition “What If” idea, my redesign of the Blue Destiny incorporates the idea: What if Yu Kojima didn’t let the Blue 1 get trashed by Nimbus after their first duel?  Therefore its redesigned in order to function in space.


I love the idea of the Gundam Hazel being a test bed for new weaponry and this picture by Windfall inspired the machine gun design:

So therefore, I tried to replicate the Blue Destiny 1’s machine gun using some parts I had available:

I call it the compressed high velocity machine gun.

Then there’s the short ranged Beam Rifle – packs a powerful punch but has limited reach, perfect for high speed assults

Gunpla SG Metal Beam Rifle Barrel

And of course, Medium Shield and Dual Beam Sabers (only one pictured)

So there we are – and of course, a Hazel-esque pose with both ranged weapons:

The CHV MG is a bit heavy unfortunately...

The forearm where the shield attaches was supposed to look better.  I might go back an fix that eventually, but you don’t normally see it due to the shield so its not the highest priority just yet.

That’s all for now – I have a bunch of things in the works:
Review of Gundam Crossfire for PS3

Review of SD Gundam G Generation Wars for PS2

Re-work/Paint my MG RX-78 NT-1 Alex

Hopefully order the GP04 Conversion kit for my old MG Gp01

And more…

Until next time – Jaa –


9 responses to “1/100 RX-79 BD1 Master Grade Blue Destiny Conversion

  1. Those are very nice mods! I love what you did to the weapons 😀 Too bad they were a tad too heavy for the hands thought. Otherwise would have been much better 🙂

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I know, what would have helped would have been a small notch/peg attachment for the Machine Gun.

  3. Thanks! I’m by no means a modding-pro, but I find that starting with little mods, that you know you can make work is an easier way to get into it than trying to tackle what some of the “pros” attempt.

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