Next Project – Gundam Alex Revamped

Next up, I’m going to be revising my MG Gundam Alex.

There’s not going to be too much in terms of mods, but I do have a few customizations I’ll be making (i.e, duel thrusters ala Gundam Ver. Ka) – just all in all a new paint job and some minor fixes.

I’ll keep you posted –



2 responses to “Next Project – Gundam Alex Revamped

  1. I’m new to painting Gundams and I don’t know what type of paint to use or what brush to use and what brand of paint is best. Some people spray-paint their’s but I tried that and it made giant unwanted spots and was too thick. Please help.(I’m working on a resin kit now, so I need to know this stuff.)

  2. L,

    I use Acrylic paints. They are much easier to handle. Water washes everything up.

    Also, with resin kits, which is a pretty big jump to get into painting, but you’ll want to look for a decent airbrush and some masking tape. This will allow you to get a much smoother coat (compared to “Spray Painting”) and the masking tape will let you section off parts to paint accurately.

    I use Tamiya Acrylic or Testors Acrylic, either are great. Get a brushes that run about $5 each, they’re more expensive but you’ll find out why if you buy a 79 cent brush.

    I’ve hand painted many many models before I got into Airbrushing. The key is, use small amounts of paint, make sure you’re brush strokes go in the same direction and be patient. Just let me know if you have other questions!

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