Alex Project

Not too much of an update today:

Ordered decals from –

Here’s the inner frame of the Alex –

Sure love Tamiya Metallic Grey.

That’s all for now.  I’ve been working on some mods, even thought I didn’t think I was going to.  I’ve already mentioned that I’m trying to add another set of thrusters to the backpack (ala Gundam Ver. Ka) – but I’ve added some bolting detail to the head and am considering doing a “Full Armor Light” version, but we’ll see.  The Full Armor parts are in bad shape from my move 5 years ago.



YaRe YaRe…

So what have I been up too since New Years?  Mainly this:

Goo blimey, this is by far, the most addictive Gundam Game I’ve ever played…and I’ve played every SD Gundam game since No. 1 on Play Station.

It is outstanding in every aspect and if you truly love the UC Gundam Universe as I do, you need to pick it up (given you have a PS3 too).

The roster of available MS is just great, and with added DLC MS, there’s no telling how much time you can put into the game.

I’ll do an official review later, but I just thought I’d let you guys know what’s caused the lack of posts this time.  If you have 0081 and you play online, my gamer tag is ViperEye82  – I’m a Federation pilot and currently using the GP01Fb or Powered Gm…two of my all time favorites.

But I am slowly working on re-doing my MG Gundam Alex as well…but the issue with “re-doing” a kit I’ve already build, is I have sand down my shoddy first paint job in order to airbrush the new one on.  But I’m just about done with that chore, and soon I’ll be re-painting.  I plan on striping the colors like I did with the S Gundam – as well as adding metal joint washers for the legs and as mentioned the dual thruster set up for the back pack.

I’ll keep you posted (Or at least try if I can pull myself away from Senki!)