YaRe YaRe…

So what have I been up too since New Years?  Mainly this:

Goo blimey, this is by far, the most addictive Gundam Game I’ve ever played…and I’ve played every SD Gundam game since No. 1 on Play Station.

It is outstanding in every aspect and if you truly love the UC Gundam Universe as I do, you need to pick it up (given you have a PS3 too).

The roster of available MS is just great, and with added DLC MS, there’s no telling how much time you can put into the game.

I’ll do an official review later, but I just thought I’d let you guys know what’s caused the lack of posts this time.  If you have 0081 and you play online, my gamer tag is ViperEye82  – I’m a Federation pilot and currently using the GP01Fb or Powered Gm…two of my all time favorites.

But I am slowly working on re-doing my MG Gundam Alex as well…but the issue with “re-doing” a kit I’ve already build, is I have sand down my shoddy first paint job in order to airbrush the new one on.  But I’m just about done with that chore, and soon I’ll be re-painting.  I plan on striping the colors like I did with the S Gundam – as well as adding metal joint washers for the legs and as mentioned the dual thruster set up for the back pack.

I’ll keep you posted (Or at least try if I can pull myself away from Senki!)


14 responses to “YaRe YaRe…

  1. Don’t have too, I’ll have to stick with XBOX360’s Mobile Ops One Year War… (why I can’t use Gundam in my first mission…)

    What timeline this Gundam game has?

  2. @Zhe – Hey, the PSP games are just as awesome! Battle Chronicle is my all time favorite!

    @divinelight – UC timeline, 0081.

  3. hey…juz some stranger who got hooked into ur blog…=)…have u tried playing SD Gundam Online?…it’s a fun and addicting online gundam game…it’s quite fun…it’s like a mix of third person shooter + Gundams(Many of them =)), and also classes and roles where each mobile suits has it’s specific roles like melee,sniper,and even medic,lots more though…give it a try dude…http://ggftw.com/forum/sdgo-guides/47161-basic-faq-page-sdgo-tw.html…btw it has two versions…the korean version and the taiwanese version…but dun worry i am sure u will get through =)…

  4. @Edge – Thanks dude, I’ll have to check it out, as long as there’s no issue accessing the server from the states, it sounds awesome!

  5. Ummm…i think u will have no problem…there is no ip banning in the game…so, for example i am a Malaysian, but i can play the taiwan version…i am sure u can too^^

  6. personally, I like battle universe the most ^^
    No doubt the battle series are great, but the versus series leaves much to be desired 😦
    But then again, I would love to try out gundam musou >..<

  7. @Edge, I checked it out yesterday, but I was interupted so I’ll see if I can look at it again today. From what I saw though, it looks really cool!

    @Zhe – I know, Universe has the most variety of suits, that’s for sure! I don’t mind the Vs series, but they get stale after a while. Gundam Musou 1 was really great, I still play it, but 2 did not seem that good to me. I hope they come out with 3 and add more variety to the MS selection (ahem…Deathscythe…ahem….)

  8. Im prety sure this was the kill all grunts type of game, is there Heavy arms, I would have love bullet massacre ^^

  9. Today will try PSP game GvGN+, hope it’s better than previous GvG.
    I saw GvG-alike in arcade mode, 6 machines link together.
    Too bad the mall providing that is far away from my home.

  10. When me and my sister do buy a PS3 in the future, I will definitely get Gundam Senki 0081 as well. Btw looking forward to your Target in Sight review too!

    Got a PSP over the Christmas, and I’m hooked onto GvGNP. Will have to see what other Gundam games that will interest me as well. Btw I have played the SD Gundam Online Game that Edge has talked about. There are cooperative and competitive mode, but of course the latter is the more potent and popular one. Unlocking units can be purely random by using gashapon machines, acquire via ‘missions’ (think of it as achievements), asd the harder is via blueprint + the required recipes (i.e. the units). Lots of grunts and Gundams, but some can be hard to acquire. Haven’t been on that game for some time because my computer’s specs are terrible, but if you need help on the language do tell me (I have a feeling that the Korean version is only available for Korean citizens).

  11. Welcome to the club, Q! ^^ you finally got yourself a PSP 😀 you should try gundam battle universe or chronicles while you’re at it ^^

    About the SD gundam online, all I can say is it’s not for everyone ^^ cus I found it rather boring after one or two plays 😛 But that’s just me.

  12. @Q – GVG next looks very nice. I really enjoy GVG on PsP, the unlockable GP01 if my favorite unit and it was awesome to finally pilot the Gundam X as I’ve never picked up ACE for PS2.

    I agree with Zhe though, definately check out the Battle Universe series. I have Chronicles, which is the second to latest release, and its a great game for Gundam fans – there are a LOT of MS to unlock and customize.

    As for SD Gundam Online – well, I’m sorry guys, but I don’t think my computer is very compatible. It even says that it doesn’t work well with Windows Vista, and that’s my OS. I’ll check it out again when I get some more time, work’s been busy for me.

    Plus I just downloaded the GP01 (regular, already have the FB) and Titans Gundam Mk II on Senki, so that’s going to be great. I just finished modifying the GP01 so that it can work in space!

  13. Hi, as you can see this is my first post here.
    Hope to get some help from you if I will have any quesitons.
    Thanks in advance and good luck! 🙂

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