Holy Moly! G Systems Did it again!!

Anybody who knows me, knows I’m gaga for the GP04.  I’m not sure what it is about this particular Gundam, but I’m absolutely enamored by the design, the three propellant tanks, the rifle, the head/face, the super thrusters on the shoulders…everything.  After all, remember this post? – Well, G Systems has once again visited the GP04 design, this time producing one of their coveted 1/60 scale models!  And just look at this beauty!

It’s a Perfect Grade on Perfect Steroids.  If you haven’t seen how G Systems handles this, go to their site here.  They have custom build inner frames that function as a true inner skeleton of the MS itself and to which the armor attaches.  LED lights for the eyes and main cameras, they also custom mold metal parts for each kit they release (you’ll note the GP04’s Comm Antenna is metal) and of course each armor panel and part is molded in the very finest resin (none of that knock off stuff that has flash all over).

Of course, all this comes with a price.  The GP04 here runs about $500 USD  I’m pretty sure I’d have to sell my left arm just to be able to buy it, but believe me, if I had an extra $1000, I’d pick up the GP04 and the just as alluring NT-1 in a heartbeat.

In the meantime, I’ll just drool over these and see if I can get $90USD together to pick up the GP04 conversion kit from GunplaSG here.  Blast you, Resin! You and your super detailed, awesome looking but horrifically expensive MS kits!


4 responses to “Holy Moly! G Systems Did it again!!

  1. I drooled… Buckets of them. Man I wished I had an olympic ticket and sold it for 500 then Id have half of what I need.

  2. Me too buddy, I’m frantically trying to figure out a way to get $500 smackeroos and fast. These things tend to sell out quickly and G Systems is notorious for “retiring” a kit relatively fast.

    Just imagining a 1/60 GP04 on my Gundam shelf….oh man. *Drool*.

  3. Since you are a big fan of the GP04 and you got a bust of it some time ago, it’s not surprising that you are drooling for the 1/60 ver. (laughs)

    But yea 500USD is quite a thing to pay for ordinary collectors, especially as it’s a kit, not a finished product. So you are going to get a MG conversion instead then? Sounds much more affordable I’d say (besides it’s 1/100 scale).

  4. The thing is Q, if I had the money, you KNOW I’d have already ordered the 1/60th from G Systems. But seems I don’t and this Friday is my birthday, I’m sticking with the 1/100th.

    But it works out – and I’ll explain why in today’s post!

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