Go Team Gogg, GO!

A while back, I posted on the PS3 game, MS Gundam 0081 Senki – which has been my current addiction in the Gundam universe since late December.

One of the main features of the game is what is called “Free Mission Mode”, where you create your own generic pilot, and can go on missions based on the Story Mode missions with your own team of AI wingmen.  The best feature is that you start with a simple RGM-79 Gm, or MS-06 Zaku II (depending on your army) and earn points, and upgrade parts to eventually be able to purchase MS such as the RX-78 NT-1 Alex, or Gelgoog Jeager.  But of course, the very best part about this is that you can play online, with other players at your side instead of the AI.  It’s easy to make friends, trust me.

Two friends of mine and I have been playing for quite a while now, and in order to get a good laugh, all three of us purchased MSN-03 Goggs and played a mission at Belfast EFSF Base.  It was hilarious, because as most of you probably know, the Gogg is one goofy looking MS.  In 0081 Senki, when it walks on land, it kind of swings its arms like its taking a walk in the park.  Goofy all around.   Thus….Team Gogg was formed.  Every once in a while, we’ll play using our Goggs and go on insane, often impossible missions (using a Gogg that is) just for the laughs.    Case in point, one of my buddies and I took our Two Goggs on a Mission referred to as HLV Kai – the objective is simple, attack the EFSF space port where three HLVs are prepped for departure, and destroy the HLVs.  In the regular mission, the whole area is guarded by MP Guncannons and RX-79s.  On the Kai version, which is meant for online, the area is guarded by much stronger, much faster GM Customs and GM Cannon IIs.  Needless to say, my buddy and I were shot down pretty fast.  But that got me thinking….maybe this could be a running story sort of thing…filled with humor for Gundam fans.  So, may I present, the first entry for Team Gogg – Ep. 1 – HLV Kai transcripts:

Comm1 : All clear on the west bank.
Comm2 : All clear on North…wait…I’m picking up two heat signatures…..um….Captain….correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t those…Goggs?!?
Cpt.: What the HELL?
GM Custom Pilot 1: Ah…control…2 Goggs just sped past me…I was going to shoot…but…I mean… its TWO GOGGS!

HLV Defense Unit 1: LOL, no way? Goggs? Are you sure it wasn’t just a couple of really big bears?
GM Pilot 2: Nope, Goggs, one just lolligaged its way past me too.

HLV Defense Unit 1: OMG, I totally see them, Hahahahaha watch this…I’m firing, no, dude, seriously I’m firing watch this –


Mission over for Viper and Jack.

Later that Night…

Viper and Jack, after barely escaping with their lives are sitting around a campfire….

Jack: You think we need one more?
Viper (Staring at the fire): ………….
Jack: You think we need one more.
Viper: ………………………
Jack: Okay, We’ll get one more.

Fero shows up:
Fero: Hey guys.

To be continued….


4 responses to “Go Team Gogg, GO!

  1. that was pretty funny, been reading your posts on the PS3 DG…

    are you still playing 0081? i just started the game a month ago and hence I have been reading up on it…

    i just finished feddie story mission (normal) and zeon (hard).

    Also doing Feddie Free Missions, just about to go on the moon missions.

    Also started Zeon Free Missions, havent progressed really.

    If you’re still playing (or keen to play) just add me on PSN: fatboy838

    If you can help me with points and parts farming, i’ll happily join Team Gogg… I reckon we could do it with 4 Goggs!


  2. Yeah, I’m always up for some 0081. My PSN is ViperEye82 –

    The Gogg is actually a pretty big powerhouse with the right parts. I have no doubt that, fully upgraded, HLV Kai can be done with Goggs. Its just kind of absurd to see, that’s all.

  3. Sweet, will add you. Our timezones are complete opposites as I am in Australia! I normally play in the evenings weekdays. Weekends, i’lll play whenever I get time! (gotta juggle, work, wife, kid, plamo and 0081… :P)

    If you see me on the network and you’re keen to play, just msg me… !

    i still have a long way to go in terms of points and item farming. I only just got my NT-1 last night… am hoping to get some proper weapons for it. Any recommendations?

    Do u play on Zeon or Merc mode when going in as Team Gogg?



  4. Yeah, that might be a little tough to coordinate, but I’ll keep an eye out for sure.

    The Alex is great, the Forearm Gatlings pack quite a punch. I try to use the Alex’s rifle with it, but I believe you have to obtain it, so it takes some work. Otherwise, the Prototype Gundam rifle is a good stand-by.

    I generally will play Merc Mode for Team Gogg. I don’t have much done on my Zeon side for free mode.

    I look forward to running some missions with you, it’ll be a good time! (I have to balance the same stuff, but I work from home and my wife is pretty cool about game time.)


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