Updates and Birthdays

Well guys, once again, it’s been a while since my latest WIP update.  Rest assured though, I’m making some great progress on the MG Alex ver. APT.  Last night I finally solved the issue on how to attache the new dual thrusters to the backpack.  Let’s just say I’m more and more grateful for how delicate and yet powerful my power drill is.  It makes Modifying parts a breeze!

So, here’s the thing – My birthday (and One Year Wedding Anniversary) is this Saturday, 3/6.  As a special treat for myself, and to get my mind off of G Systems new 1/60th GP04 – I’ll be picking up the 1/100 GP04 Resin Conversion Kit from my buddy Murphy over at Gunpla SG.

Wooo doggies, I sure love me some GP04s.  But here’s why this will work so well – See this conversion uses the old MG GP01 frame.  The MG GP01 was my very first MG model, and also my first attempt at painting.  At the time, I thought I did a great job, but now, as I’ve gotten better, and invested in an air brush, the GP01 makes my eyes bleed.  So what better way to upgrade him, than turning him into my most beloved GP04?  I can’t wait.  But I’ll  need to finish up the Alex Project soon, so I’m looking at having it done and on display within the next two weeks or so.  I’m really almost done, I just need to paint my white and silver parts and finish the tentative ORE Gun I’m constructing for it, though I may scrap the project in favor for dual Hyper Bazookas instead.

Until next time –

Jaa ne~

2 responses to “Updates and Birthdays

  1. Giving an old model a new life, that’s interesting. Will be looking forward to see how the GP04 looks like as well as your Alex!

  2. You bet buddy, I’ll post updates as things go along. The Alex is shaping up to be quite cool, in my humble opinion!

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