Formania’s Nu Gundam Bust

No new progress on the Alex project just yet, but I wanted to toss in my 2cents on this.

Formania’s Nu Gundam bust looks to be quite an addition to any Gundam fan’s collection.   But to be honest, I’m having a little trouble with my initial impressions of it.

I’m really not sure how the assembly works just yet…whether it’s a “gunpla” kit so to speak or if it’s just, as I’m seeing it, a really complex, really expensive gatchapon item.  I don’t mean that in a bad way, a  lot of Gatchapon items are very high quality – but the bust seems to be lacking any detail lining, which leads me to suspect that you just open the box, and bob’s your uncle,  you have the bust.

I was kinda hoping it would be a gunpla kit, though just looking at the images, I’m already seeing where I could make slight modifications (Those thrusters are far too small).

What do you guys thing?


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