MG FA Gundam – HEEEEELllooooooo~

Boy if there’s one thing I love, its a GP04.  If there’s TWO things I love, its a GP04 AND a FA Gundam.  Looks like I’m getting my wishes made true thanks to Bandai’s new announcement.


*Image from Ngee’s site, of course!



Embodied Perfection

This is what I strive for…and this is what I will never achieve.  Its a strange concept, but I thought I’d share with you all the latest, truly perfect work from Modeler Matt Tomczek.  You can visit his site here.
Matt’s been working on this monstrous Sazabi for a long time, but he’s recently finished his work and by all measures, its just breathtaking.

His attention to the finest details and his painting combine to make the Sazabi look ready for sortie, if only it were full scale.

Good work Matt, you’re simultaneously inspiring me and crushing my dreams at the same time!

Updates and News

Alex Custom

Okay, time for an update or three.

First things first – The Alex Custom is steadily coming along.  This crap-tastic iPhone picture of the torso does very little justice to the work.  But I’m a bit stalled at the moment.  I just ordered some new upgrade parts from Mecha Skunk – and I want to wait until they arrive (3-5 days) before I finish the back pack and such.  In the meantime, I have the rest of the white panels to finish.  I’m adding large metal thrusters to the back pack (ala my Blue Destiny Custom) but they should look infinitely better.

Second – my MG GP01 Conversion GP04 kit arrived!  I’m very excited to begin, but I’ll need quite a few things before I can start, and also I’ll have to finish the Alex.  But while I have a bunch of projects lined up (including a custom GP02 re-fit) – the GP04 takes high priority.  I’ll keep you guys posted on that.

Finally, I’ve added two new posts.  Mecha Skunk – a great place for upgrade parts (at an affordable price no less!) and Fichtenfoo’s blog – if you’re like me, constantly looking for ideas and ways to push your modeling skills, FF’s blog is THE place to hang out.

So that’s it for now.  The RX-78-6 header is sticking for now, as I’m still all about the Gundam Unit Six thanks to SD Gundam G Generation Was.