MG FA Gundam – HEEEEELllooooooo~

Boy if there’s one thing I love, its a GP04.  If there’s TWO things I love, its a GP04 AND a FA Gundam.  Looks like I’m getting my wishes made true thanks to Bandai’s new announcement.


*Image from Ngee’s site, of course!



5 responses to “MG FA Gundam – HEEEEELllooooooo~

  1. Its green, Bah, Im so painting this into Bthe limited Blue FA gundam that GFF used to have,except sold out now,bcuze its limited^^;;

  2. I’m actually a big fan of the Green and Orange color scheme, very militaristic – but the Blue scheme was cool too, that’s for sure!

    I think the funny thing is really how popular the FA Gundam has become, considering its a flawed design that was never officially built by the EFF. Still, I couldn’t be happier that it’s as popular as it is and its now getting a MG Treatment!

  3. Kinda felt that the FA Gundam is more suited with the older frame such as the OYW ver or Ver. Ka, but seeing it here with 2.0 doesn’t look bad so far. It really is about time for FA Gundam to get into gunpla since MG Perfect Gundam.

    And haha I agree with you how FA-78-1 has been quite a successful design among the fans despite it not really been built but as a concept in the lore. On the contrary the supposedly more “successful” design, the Fa-78-2 Heavy Gundam, sees much fewer appearance funny enough.

  4. Me too Q, me too, but yeah, the 2.0 frame looks okay for now!

    Right? The Heavy Gundam actually saw combat, but it’s rarely mentioned or seen…weird. Oh well, I like both of them, so if the Heavy shows up on the MG list, I’ll be happy about that too!

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